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  1. shimmersoap

    Favorite M&P bases

    Crafter's Choice MP soap bases! Their expensive, but worth every penny i spend!
  2. shimmersoap

    So, why do you prefer or use M&P over handmade bases?

    You can have 500 people making CP soap, the same scents as everyone else, the same colors as everyone else, the same boring 'shop' name & claims, everyone swirling this week like the tutorial on so & so's blog, then embedding the next week beause they saw it on so & so's page. never excelling...
  3. shimmersoap

    Best online company to order supplies from? I am new.

    Nature's Garden is the BEST! Their fragrance oils are simply spectacular. fast shipping too! 3-4 days from ordering i received my stuff.
  4. shimmersoap

    Fragrance Buddy FO test

    Leaves and beach, please?
  5. shimmersoap

    Just joined!

  6. shimmersoap

    Anyone participating in SQ's Soap the Rainbow?

    It looks pretty interesting to me, but since I actually don't have a facebook, instagram, or twitter acount I can't really do it. Are any of you guys doing it?:)
  7. shimmersoap

    Soap Pet peeves

    Dear TeresaT, I haven't yet posted any photos since i just regestered here in May of this year. :) But when I bother to get out my camera I will certainly show you guys!
  8. shimmersoap

    Soap Pet peeves

    Dear TeresaT, Thank you. That's also how I feel about MP! I will tell my customers that it is made from a base. CP soap is Created. MP soap is Customized. Right?
  9. shimmersoap

    Soap Pet peeves

    Well, It's true.. Acronyms are useful. And I do use them tons. But sometimes i like saying cold process better than CP. Also, one of my other pet peeves is me (a melt and pour soap maker) saying to an more experienced cold process soap maker, "i make soap." And the cold process soap maker says...
  10. shimmersoap

    Soap Pet peeves

    My personal pet peeve is when people say the intials for cold process instead of the actaul word. Like "I'm making CP soap." I'm like, no this is how you say it, "I'm making Cold process soap." Do you have any strange soaping pet peeves? Share!
  11. shimmersoap

    Color blocks m&p

    oohh... You can make a swirl soap with clear MP soap 1: Melt clear melt and pour 2: Split into two different containers. 3: Add a few shavings of the Gold color block to one and 2-5 drops of Cinnamon Essential oil (Trust me, this stuff is potent.) 4: In the second container, add a...
  12. shimmersoap

    Soap documenting

    Ummm... I don't know if any of you do this, but when i see a soap recipe, I price it and write down the recipe in my notebook. I have two notebooks filled this way and dozens of Word pages. Is anyone else as crazy as me? I have all SQ soap recipes filled out this way, and WSP and BulkApocothery...
  13. shimmersoap

    What is everyone up to today?

    Ummm.... I am just chilling out on the computer, and sorting legos. That's all. :) That seashore looks amazing!
  14. shimmersoap

    Spilled FO

    Ohh, that sounds bad. Try the baking soda?:)
  15. shimmersoap

    Handmade Magazine?

    What do you think about the handmade magazine? It seems rather expensive to pay 7.00$ just for recipes on the WSP site. Are they useful?
  16. shimmersoap

    "What Fragrance Oil Are You? Quiz

    I got: Cherry Blossom Fragrance Oil You are Cherry Blossom Fragrance Oil! You are known for your sweet and kind nature. Your friends would describe you as generous, sensitive and imaginative. You tend to be more introverted and are a loyal and supportive friend to those close to you. I...
  17. shimmersoap

    Laundry soap

    OK, i know post a lot of things WSP does, but i thought some people might find this useful:
  18. shimmersoap

    Shower Gel bases

    What would be a good suspending base for shower gel? One day i tried to make glitter shower gel and it did not suspend.
  19. shimmersoap

    My 1st MP

    Beautiful! and this is your'e first time?
  20. shimmersoap

    Melt and Pour Soap Techniques

    What are the things you can do with Melt and Pour? I know Swirl and Layers, but do you know any more techniques? I have heard of bagged soaps too. Its soap in a cellophane bag. Have you ever made one?:)