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    Help with recipe please

    Nice Name!!
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    List your retail ready business

    Yeah get to work on that!!!
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    Sold my first soap!!!

    Good job, you should be proud of yourself!!
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    Hi from Alabama

    Welcome, what part of Bama are in?
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    Having a problem with my throw

    Get a nice tight spiral girlie!!! That should take care of it! :roll:
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    Tell Us About You

    Oh, lemme see.............where do I start? I am Carrie, 37 going on 12, live in Michigan, originally from Los Angeles! Been married for 17 years, have two monster boys 15 and 12, love to shop and make soap! I really love to make people laugh in case you haven't noticed! I can be a big ole...
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    M&P verse cp and hp

    Oh let me just tell ya!!!! I started out with MP soap making!!! Love IT!! I only wanted to make that kind and never anything else. I was freaked out about using lye...I didn't want to have a volcano in my kitchen. So one day I got brave, I donned the "mad scientist gear" and went to work...
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    Gas prices

    Its like a Smokey and the Bandit car AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hello .. Newbie here

    Welcome to the insanity! :lol:
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    Olive Oil

    Hey there, like everyone else says Super Walmart is the place to go, if you have a sams or costco membership, they are good too
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    Second batch today...Spearmint/Lavender Pics Added

    Yeah looking at the pics we "can't" tell ya shop at wally world :lol: :roll: I love your soaps! They make me so jealous! :)
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    A question... or two

    Welcome to our little forum!!! I do MP soap and CP soap, with MP you don't necessarily do a PH test, if you are using a premade base. As far as the dyes go, I use candy color gels to color them. But with that, the colors tend to fade, never had any bleeding from them. Good luck!
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    They swiped my soap samples!

    WOW! Yeah just look for the irritated skin! :) Then you will know!
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    newb newb newb! :D

    Ok gotta see some pics of the locks! :)
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    WOW very cool My site is OSCommerce. Not too sure how to manipulate it the way I want just yet. Still teaching myself how to code in PHP
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    I think I did something wrong...

    I would buy the kelp one
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    Very nice and eye catching...I love the layout! Is it a template or did you design it yourself?
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    Finally finished - I think?

    I love the colors! Great job on the site so far!
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    Let's play a game: DOMESTIC SHIPPING

    Wheeee I shipped to Maryland Arkansas Connecticut Delaware Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Massachusetts Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North...