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    Got myself in a craft show pickle

    Thank you! I really appreciate the responses to my request! Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. You all validated my gut feel and my concerns about once a customer has their hands on it they would likely totally forget to wait or give them away and not remember to tell their giftee...
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    Got myself in a craft show pickle

    I've been working hard at getting a good solid product and have sold at some very small little craft fairs (one at my workplace and one in a local school). I signed up for something a bit larger and was doing really well preparing - and then got sick. I kept creating batches as I could, but (in...
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    Hello from Texas

    Thanks for the welcome. I appreciate your cautionary statement. Precisely why I am scared to death. I'm in a little craft fair here at work next week and in that tiny little fair there are 4 other soapers - 3 of which are VERY professional/look like they have been doing this awhile. But I saw...
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    Hello from Texas

    I've asked one question on the forum (grateful for good responses). I am not new to soap making, but am new to making it for other than family friends. I have worked many years in corporate/government positions and have expressed my creative side through pottery, painting, crafts of all sorts -...
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    Using Soapmaker 3 for other body products?

    I just started using Soapmaker 3 Pro for my soaps and I like it a lot. I was wondering if anyone on the forum uses it for things like lip balms? I use some of the same oil inventory for the lip balms as in my soaps so was hoping that I could keep track of my inventory for both. Nothing on the...