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    Frosting candles

    The percentage of paraffin is determined by trail and error, really. It depends on the scent, wick, and color you use. Most of candle making is lots and lots of trial and error. You can buy paraffin from the same places that sell any candle wax, usually. You can get blends that have candle...
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    Greasy cream

    Good. I'm glad the olive oil worked for you. I think you're fine. An oil phase of 25% seems to be typical, so as long as you're not too far outside of that, it should work. Just make sure the amount of emulsifying wax you use is a percentage of how much oil/butter you're using, meaning you...
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    Greasy cream

    I'm glad you were able to make it work. If you don't mind, what oils did you end up using?
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    Greasy cream

    There are different things that can be called "emulsifying wax". Do you know which one you have? If you ordered it online, can you post a link to the page?
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    Greasy cream

    The percentage of oil/butter you use depends entirely on how thick you want it to be, within the limitations of your emulsifier. With the right emulsifier, you can even make creams that are "water in oil" (more oil than water) as opposed to oil in water, which is what you're doing. What...
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    Paraben free preservative for sugar scrub

    So if Lush puts pureed fruit in their products, does that mean they aren't paraben free? 🤔 😄
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    Greasy cream

    When you say you're not able to achieve what you're looking for, what do you mean exactly? Off the top of my head, I'd say that you have way too much silicone. Try 3% and add the other 3% to the water amount, or add some lanolin like @Saponificarian suggested. Your silicone amount is part of...
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    Paraben free preservative for sugar scrub

    Is this something that you'll be selling? If so, keep in mind that more people are allergic to formaldehyde releasers than are allergic to parabens. I would try to stick with something that more people can use, and that's parabens. If you get customers that won't use it because they've bought...
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    Lotion bar recipe question

    If they are too greasy, try replacing the Shea with something else like mango butter or babassu oil. Remember, soy "wax" isn't wax, it's partially hydrogenated soybean oil, which means that about two thirds of it is just plain soybean oil. In my experience, using my formula, lotion bars need a...
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    Lotion bar recipe question

    Be careful with the ROE. Too much will accelerate rancidity, and 1% is really a lot. DeeAnna has suggested usage rates on her website. I would go with the amount she recommends adding to oils for storage.
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    Ugh. I got this in my mail msg notice this morning.

    Those are bots crawling sites to index for online searches. Those aren't spammers.
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    FO Winners & Losers

    😁 You're welcome! I got my resin on Amazon from a seller who is apparently just a repacker. I'm not sure where they got it from. It's either not easy to make a fake version of it, or there's no market for fake resin so... just read the reviews first to make sure of the quality. That's all I do...
  13. Quanta

    Lost in lotion bars

    In my experience, it's the Shea butter that is making them greasy. I would swap it for either mango butter or babassu oil. You would need to adjust the amounts of the other ingredients to compensate for babassu oil being softer than Shea though. You can also try adding isopropyl myristate. I...
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    Post your Gripe

    I lived in Georgia back in the late 80's, and I remember seeing PSAs between commercials that said if you could move your car at all, you had to, so as not to block traffic while waiting for the police. I live elsewhere now, but I've never gotten in trouble for moving my car into a nearby...
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    Post your Gripe

    Those have actually been banned here due to the significant increase in people being rear-ended at traffic lights. Some people still operate them but the tickets they send out can't be enforced.
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    suggestions for dog soap

    You will want to make a syndet bar. For a human, a syndet shampoo bar needs to have a pH of about 5, for a dog it needs to be 7.5. It is easy to formulate one with the correct pH. You will want to research the ingredients you use to make sure they are safe for dogs. Just because something is...
  17. Quanta

    My spreadsheets for formulating/cost/testing

    Just a heads up... Someone sent me a request through Google to share the spreadsheet. For future reference, as far as I know, the spreadsheet doesn't have to be shared in order to be copied. If you have your own (unshared) copy you can change it to suit your needs, and make a new copy for each...
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    Lost in lotion bars

    I made spreadsheets to calculate it. You enter how big a batch you want to make, and percentages for each ingredient, and it will tell you how many grams you need of each ingredient to make a batch that size...
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    Beeswax in small glass jars hissing and crackling

    There is no such thing as vanilla essential oil, so whatever you have that is labeled as such... could be anything. If it is real, pure vanilla, it is likely an oleoresin dissolved in alcohol, or alcohol mixed with water. Since vanilla is not oil soluble, it will not blend into melted wax. The...
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    Any idea what would have caused this?

    I got a screenshot of the worst of it. You can do your own eeeeeewwwwwwing now (you're welcome!):