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    Help! Homemade beezwax candle tunnelling and burning out quick!?

    i've only made pillars in beeswax. I personally use soy in jars
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    Playing Around With Melt & Pour Salt Bars

    The lather is pretty good, it's not a bubble bath on your hand but it suds up pretty well. It's my normal bar now. I love using it after a long bike ride! I had a photo of the lather but not sure where it went. I made a good recipe with ginger and licorice root for a face bar. I will post next...
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    Playing Around With Melt & Pour Salt Bars

    Hi Everyone!!!! Happy 4th of July!!! I am super excited to share my newest recipe. I have been slaving away at trying to make a Salt Bar Recipe for Melt and Pour. So I have tried different amounts and types of salts and I think I found the perfect blend for me. I tested it on myself and love...
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    Dragon's Blood

    I am interested too in a small amount! Please let me know.
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    My First Soap

    Sooooooo....... Yes, you can whip MP. I have been looking at cold process soap and thought. Well.... I might as well give it a try. It's very fast, and you have to pour just as you finish whipping or it's a gross mess. It took me about three or four tries to get the look I wanted. Rose soap...
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    New here

    Welcome! Good luck on your new business. Practice makes perfect!
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    Fun with mp!

    I think it's amazing some of these melt and pour bars people are making. I, myself am going to be trying to make the cupcake soaps or birthday soaps with layers.... Very excited. Will post photos later on once I have some completed. I just got all my new supplies in. Yea!!! me.....
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    Hi Everyone! Just an Update on Creating...

    Ohhh... I finally got all my supplies to try and make the soap frosting for melt and pour cupcakes... To try and make it fluffier instead of drippy and also the mold for the mermaid tail. So two projects coming up... Mermaid Soap (any suggestions on fragrance would be helpful... I can't...
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    My first ever batch of soap!!

    Love Love Love it! I love working with the clay's and natural scrubbies!
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    Welcome back!
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    Avery or Online Labels?

    I used to type up my own with my computer since I just started. But now a small fist full of people are asking for some, so I wanted it to look a little nicer. I picked up Avery pack at office depot and after some time playing around with their design online I was able to print out my first...
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    Welcome!!! I ramble too!!!
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    My First Soap

    Here are the photos. The loaf is twice the height of the cut bars. I whipped up a little over 2 pounds of goats milk melt and pour and over filled the loaf mold. Then I remelted and whipped the leftover and poured the rest into another loaf mold which is the one i sliced up 1 inch thick. The...
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    What thickness is your soap?

    Will Be Cutting My first Loaf Tomorrow I made my first melt and pour loaf tonight. Whipped it and topped with dried roses. I think i will try to cut at 1.25 inches.
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    Well, someone is having fun ....

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    If you don't sell, what are you doing with all your soap

    I don't sell.. but every once in a while someone will give me donations for them. :) I started making soaps to do a fun craft project and also to make Christmas gifts. But now that Christmas is over.... I have packed away my stuff and I have a box full of left over made soap all different. :)
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    Safely Disposing Of Old Fragrance Oils????

    :confused: Hi, I remember someone once telling me that you can't just trash old fragrance oils. I have a bunch that are at least 6 years old in my garage that were for candle making. I would like to dispose of them safely. How would I go about this? Any help would be great. (edited) Thank...
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    Happy New Year! What's your New Bar for the New Year?

    Hi everyone, I am super excited to try a new bar melt and pour recipe with charcoal, tea tree oil and rose scent to do a layered olive oil and shea butter bar.. This is my project for the new year. How about you? What are you working on? I will post photos when they are done. :)
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    Stopping by to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!!!!
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    Hi! I'm New Here

    :bunny: Hi everyone. My name is Troy. I do not do cold process soap (yet) but I like to hobby with melt and pour and add in extra stuff to make my semi-own handmade bars. I have a small collection of colors and EO and fragrance oils as well. I am very excited to find a forum just about...