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  1. Pink Dinosaur

    Tips for tallow candle making?

    I hope this doesn’t come off argumentative or shitty, but I wanted to clarify for others. Paraffin is certainly dirtier and worse than other waxes. Burning it releases carinogenic VOCs. This has been studied and isn’t a myth.
  2. Pink Dinosaur

    Candle Oils

  3. Pink Dinosaur

    Strange texture

    Hey, here’s the details of this candle I made. Do any of you have any insight into why it hardened to look this strange? Thanks for any help! 3.5in diameter container ID 5in tall container 3mm Eco wick Soy wax, 450g, 12% max fragrance Melt@74°C Fragrance@57°C, 27g, 6% Pour@41°C Eucalyptus, 5.4g...