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  1. Cupcakeheartlove605

    Is it possible to make a natural cherry scented CP soap

    Perhaps look into making your own natural cherry fragrance? Or using cherry juice? But if you do that be careful of the high sugar content.
  2. Cupcakeheartlove605

    Contender for most ridiculous question asked

    Ummm maybe alcohol? Perhaps it could suck the scent up, then you could use it in the candles, but I dont know how that'd go. It'd have to be super concentrated, and used like an essential oil so as to not put too much alcohol in the candle, since flammable and all.
  3. Cupcakeheartlove605


    Thanks! I'm looking forward to expanding my knowledge. There's always something to learn.
  4. Cupcakeheartlove605

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    And you'd think a layered soap is easy..... am I the only one? It's so irritatingly frustrating 😆
  5. Cupcakeheartlove605

    By days end today......

    Different oils will give you different cleansing and bubble levels. I use soapee calculator and it helps me figure out a recipe. Coconut oil is high cleansing but very drying to skin, so if using coconut oil, pair it with a moisturizing one like shea butter. Palm oil will give lots of bubbles...
  6. Cupcakeheartlove605


    Hello and thank you!
  7. Cupcakeheartlove605

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    That sounds a lot more fun than what I originally thought when I read "challenge". Exactly I thought cut throat competition haha I don't know why. Maybe I've watched too many "bring it on" type movies. Lol 😆
  8. Cupcakeheartlove605

    Using pure olive oil w/EO on aging face?

    I've heard that rosehip seed oil and myrrh essential oil is a Fabulous mixture for aging skin. I've tried it, but not for long enough to give a definite answer, but for the time I used it, I did see results on my large forehead wrinkle (which is crazy since I only used it 1 or 2 times a day...
  9. Cupcakeheartlove605


    Wow that really doesn't make any sense! Seems like markets out your way are still hanging on. That's good! I love markets! I've stopped looking for any to sell at myself. Like you said not enough hours in the day! 3 in a day is absolutely crazy, but all the power to them! Thank you! Thanks!!
  10. Cupcakeheartlove605

    Soap crumbling and breaking

    I'm not sure about rescuing it, but if it's not a lye issue, it would work as "confetti" in another soap for sure! Maybe its the sodium lactate? Making it too hard?
  11. Cupcakeheartlove605

    What are your go to fragrances?

    I've had great success with Oatmeal, Milk and Honey fragrance. It is my most popular scent, and I have a hard time keeping it in stock for stores. French lavender and peppermint are also good classics to have.
  12. Cupcakeheartlove605

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Perhaps next month I might jump in! Sounds like fun.
  13. Cupcakeheartlove605


    I used to sell at markets, but not in Abbotsford. There is only the flea market or the farmers market, but I didn't go to those, as they already had a soap person, and would only allow 1. (They had prepaid for the whole season). Now there arent any markets at all except online. I haven't dont...
  14. Cupcakeheartlove605

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Oh I see! Very cool 😎 I dont think I'm talented enough to do challenges just yet! I haven't even mastered a layered soap 🤣 Yes I wasn't aware the challenge was here. I'm excited to see the entries!
  15. Cupcakeheartlove605


    Oh haha! There is enough dirty people in the world for all us soapers 😄 that is really close to my parents (where you used to live). I thought if you were still here, I might have known you or heard of your business 😊 there aren't too many in Abbotsford.
  16. Cupcakeheartlove605


    Hello fellow Abbotsford-ian! I'm in the west end near Clearbrook. Where are you located? My brand is JB & Co. Do you sell as well?
  17. Cupcakeheartlove605


    Hi everyone, I've been making soap for a few years now and I've been loving it! I live in Canada in a tiny apartment, making it smell incredible with the soaps I make 😊 I've made cold process, hot process, cream soap, but not liquid yet! I'm looking forward to sharing and gleaning information...
  18. Cupcakeheartlove605

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I cut some soap bars today! Raspberry rose hibiscus tea. It smells delicious!