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  1. spenny92

    Your expert opinion please

    It gets even worse as you read the comments - keep vinegar nearby in case you splash lye on yourself, soap is cured when it doesn't zap... Noooooooo!
  2. spenny92

    Designed A New Soap Label Tonight

    I agree with the font being hard to read. I also find that it looks almost a little tacky and low-end (I'm not sure what your target is, so this is obviously completely subjective), so it's not something that would catch my eye. You've done a lot of business related research and obviously...
  3. spenny92

    Need help with CPOP goat milk soap

    No need to overreact. As long as it's not lye-heavy, the soap is still perfectly safe to use at 1 week old. I use my own bars at 1-3 weeks old frequently, and they are beautiful on my skin - the only downside is that they do melt away faster.
  4. spenny92

    Yeah another Coconut Oil Allergy thread

    Gennys shampoo bar recipe has no coconut oil and lathers like crazy for me - thick, dense, creamy, bubbly lather. I was surprised considering I'd read everywhere that no coconut = no bubbles.
  5. spenny92

    Newb cp soap batches

    So you've made a maximum of 9 batches and you're selling it already?
  6. spenny92

    Please check out my labels.

    Most people label by the rule of 'what goes into the pot' rather than what comes out of the pot. Unless you have your soap tested (at a pretty hefty expensive, I'd imagine) there's no definitive way of knowing what is left at the end in what amounts. Perhaps that's correct for Canada, but the...
  7. spenny92

    This is the kind of thing that makes my head hurt

    I use my own soap at the 2-3 week mark, and find that it lasts a good 4-6 weeks when used regularly - it doesn't just melt down the drain. I don't think it's wise to make assumptions like that about their soap without knowing their soaping techniques and curing conditions - 3 weeks cure must be...
  8. spenny92

    Recipe Check

    You can use butters instead of palm or animal fats. I use a combo of cocoa and shea butters, no more than 20% combined. I actually use 7 oils/butters in total, which isn't really necessary but I didn't want a high olive oil soap. Play around with different amounts of oils until you find...
  9. spenny92

    Curds in soap

    Sounds like the curds you're talking about is the beeswax. You need to soap pretty hot if you're using it, or it will solidify.
  10. spenny92

    Frustration at other businesses

    Never mind, then. I hoped that I would be able to safely rant on this forum, but obviously not. Funny how I've seen plenty of like-minded posts like my original post, where everyone agrees with the frustration - but because I have been open with the fact that I am selling in my previous posts, I...
  11. spenny92

    Frustration at other businesses

    Seriously? This is not the same thing. Clearly, I know what I'm doing as I am correcting other 'experienced' soapers misinformation. I currently have a great small business, do absolutely everything by the book and am very happy with the response to my product. I haven't done anything wrong or...
  12. spenny92

    Frustration at other businesses

    Admin, feel free to move if this isn't in the appropriate section. I'm feeling so frustrated with some soap businesses at the moment - I need to rant and for someone to tell me to keep my mouth zipped! I'm a member of a small FB group for NZ Soapmakers - there's less than 50 of us in the...
  13. spenny92

    How Do You Package Lotion Bars?

    I used white grease proof paper before going for aluminium tins. They did the job, and you could easily pretty it up with some twine/ribbon and gift tags. ETA: it looks like the oil is seeping through the paper in this photo, but it's just a bad photo.
  14. spenny92

    What made you pick your avatar/ username?!

    My username is pretty boring, but something that I've always stuck to out of habit. It's just my first initial S, and my surname Penny and I always chuck my birth year (92) after it as spenny is normally taken. My avatar is just me kicking back at the beach on New Year's Day in the hot NZ summer!
  15. spenny92

    Droopy Soap?

    It looks to me like they have warped a little. I think that can happen when using full water. I'm sure someone more experienced will chime in, but I think it's purely a cosmetic issue. I wouldn't worry about it - they are handmade, after all. :)
  16. spenny92

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Wrapped about 100 bars by hand - luckily, having OITNB on Netflix made it bearable. Whipped up some body butters and lotion bars, too. Lots more soaping to do tomorrow after attending a small school show - not expecting major sales, but it will be a fun morning out!
  17. spenny92

    Need A Little Help With Bath Bomb Recipe

    Following, as I'm also interested in the replies. I've attempted some recently using a basic recipe of 2:1 baking soda to citric acid - it works, but I find it difficult to reproduce accurately.
  18. spenny92

    Ecstatic over bath bombs

    Ah, they look great - well done! I'd love to make my own instead of spending silly amounts on LUSH ones, but my attempt was a crumbly fail. :(
  19. spenny92

    First market success!

    I think your display looks lovely - especially for a last minute job! I'm sure your next one will be even better. Re: the brown paper, I just use rolls of brown mailing wrap paper. It's been humid recently, and I have noticed a few bars have marks on the bottom - I'm not sure if it's...
  20. spenny92

    Questions about using aloe juice and using frozen anything

    I freeze goats milk and beer (after boiling) and add the lye to the cubes. I try to let them sit in my container for 5-10 minutes so they soften ever so slightly, and add my lye a little bit at a time. I've scorched too much milk without freezing it to go back to that method. If my cubes are...