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  1. GGWP

    Coming back to soap

    Congrats on your little one and welcome back to soaping! My hands became suuuper dry due to over-sanitizing during the pandemic, so I'd really like to make a sensitive-skin friendly recipe as well. @Zing I'm not a regular member, but I guess it's a lucky coincidence I came across your recipe...
  2. GGWP

    Pink Himalayan Salt Soap Bars - Weird White Spots

    Ah, sad to hear! Thanks for the advice - will not do the same mistake again. It's a shame really because pink salt does look amazing on soap, but oh well.. :(
  3. GGWP

    Pink Himalayan Salt Soap Bars - Weird White Spots

    Yes, I used fine grind, just put some larger pieces on top as a decoration. Is the undissolved salt going to be sharp on the skin even if it's been ground finely?
  4. GGWP

    Pink Himalayan Salt Soap Bars - Weird White Spots

    Hi all, I attempted making soap with pink (himalayan) salt for the first time. I didn't end up adding too much, in order to not make it super scratchy. I cut them while the loaf was still soft, so no issues with crumbling so far, but I noticed some weird white spotting on the bars. It does look...
  5. GGWP

    Coffee Soap Scenting

    Thank you all for the replies! I wish to buy from BrambleBerry, but it's really expensive with shipping and also there are some regulations, I believe, when importing to EU.. they do have an official reseller here, but a very limited variety of products.. Thanks anyway! I will try to figure out...
  6. GGWP

    Coffee Soap Scenting

    Hello, I've wanted to make a coffee soap for the longest time and finally got myself to build up a recipe that I'll test this weekend. Initially I wanted to go with coffee butter as an ingredient, but because very few EU e-shops offer this and at highly expensive price (+summer holidays...
  7. GGWP

    Other hobbies.

    Great topic! I'm a baking-, painting-, gardening-, and most recently soapmaking- hobbyist! Love each of these activities and they have brought me so much peace. This weekend I'm going to plant this year's cherry tomatoes and baby peppers, next to my blooming herbs and ever-so-growing...
  8. GGWP

    EU-based CP newbie here :)

    Hello, everyone! I wanted to first say hi before asking any questions in the forum :) I've already read some threads and am fascinated with the great community here! I am a fellow soapmaking newbie residing in the Netherlands. I discovered this passion of mine just recently and I am so excited...