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  1. Adeliepenguin

    Rules for giving soap away

    I don't have an allergies so I buy what I want and eat what I want. My husband has an allergy to sesame so when we eat he checks for it so I guess if you know you have an allergy you’re more inclined to check for it so if she knew she was allergic and even after you telling her, why on earth did...
  2. Adeliepenguin

    I need help with a design PLEASE!!!

    that’s awesome! I love that film but I could never recreate this....well done
  3. Adeliepenguin

    Who is your favourite YT soaper?

    I love watching holly from kapia mera soap...she has the most beautiful voice and her videos look so professional. And Ophelias soapery is amazing obviously, the music is awesome
  4. Adeliepenguin

    How Much Exfoliants in Soap?

    My husband is a joiner and always comes home with sticky filler stuff stuck on his hands and he was always raiding the bathroom cupboard for my body scrubs and even resorted to using my foot file! So he asked me to make him a hand soap, I use a salt bar recipe so high in CO as it needs to be...
  5. Adeliepenguin

    EO percentage in CP soap

    Yes since you’re in the UK like lily jo said you can only sell your soaps if it’s a maximum 3% fragrance/EO and my assessment worked that out by adding oils, sodium hydroxide and 10% of your water and it’s 3% of that. Just incase you are thinking of selling in the future it’s worth keeping to...
  6. Adeliepenguin

    What's your Royal Name ?

    Lady Henry-George cheesecake of Sainsbury’s
  7. Adeliepenguin

    The Guy At The End Of The Bar...

    The guy at the end of the bar is humping his brother
  8. Adeliepenguin

    New Soap Cutter

    Oh so sorry the cat lady....I managed to sell it on eBay🙌🏻 But if you’re after an amazing cutter I got it on Etsy and the shop was called soap craft tools and apart from it being the wrong size wire spaces (my fault) it was amazing and I would definitely use Andrey again!
  9. Adeliepenguin

    another newbie on the newbie board

    You’re very right on the U.K. regulations...everything has to be spot on and not a gram over, you have to name everything on labels including their ICIN names and you have to pay a special chemist to assess every time you make a new soap, same basic recipe but different mica and essential oils...
  10. Adeliepenguin

    What is your worst acceleration story

    I was making a strawberry rainbow soap at my daughters request. I had all the colours in their jugs ready and I added the fragrance to the jugs (rookie mistake) they all went to play doh in 20 seconds, I literally had to push each layer down in the mould and it looked better than expected but...
  11. Adeliepenguin

    New Soap Cutter

    Oh what a shame you live in the US as I am selling mine, it’s brand new from a great shop on Etsy but my mistake I ordered the wrong size (space in between the wires for my size of soap) It was from Russia so as I’m in the UK it will cost a fortune to send back😖 not sure what to do with it now
  12. Adeliepenguin

    My New Friend

    I think I’m going soap crazy as the first thing I thought of when I saw the pic was “oh those colours would make a really nice looking soap”😂
  13. Adeliepenguin

    Guar gum

    Just want to say I’ve made about 30-40 loafs of soap using 100% canned coconut milk as my liquid and had no volcanoes or heating issues. My soap goes through partial gel phase, left on the side uninsulated, but the ring disappears the next day and you would never know. I put one of my first loaf...
  14. Adeliepenguin

    Guar gum

    I use coconut milk instead of water and I make ice cubes with it and mix it with my sodium hydroxide really slowly bit by bit, this keeps the temperature down and stops it from scorching. I’ve done a salt bar with 50% coconut oil and it was fine, I was thinking about putting it in the fridge but...
  15. Adeliepenguin

    Ethical micas in Britain?

    I use soapery and soap kitchen for oils butters and micas. I use fresh skin for my essential oils and fragrance oils, the coconut fragrance oil and strawberry seized my soap up in seconds though so I’m on the look out for a new coconut it didn’t smell at all like coconut so I...
  16. Adeliepenguin

    Need Guidance for a Extra hard soap.

    Yeah makes you wonder how much hand and body washing is going on today, even with a viral pandemic going on😷
  17. Adeliepenguin

    Need Guidance for a Extra hard soap.

    As soap is an alkaline it’s naturally antibacterial as bacteria can’t live on skin that is higher than 9 on the scale. Yes you’re acid mantle changes back to it’s normal PH within a few hours but you could pick up bacteria by then anyway, I’m always washing my that I have a hundred...
  18. Adeliepenguin


    To be fair they shouldn’t have been allowed to travel out of the U.K. and into New Zealand, or other countries..nobody should until it’s gone, but then will it ever go!? Do we wait until there’s not one case and then open up the boarders but that could be years. They were just following “flawed”...
  19. Adeliepenguin

    Investing in Essential Oils

    Can you mix essential oils and fragrance oils to create a blend? I have lots of fragrance oils like blueberry, pineapple, peach etc but think they’re a bit boring together and I have loads of essential oils I have exasperated blends out of now