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    Hi. Question about a recipe

    Thank you!
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    Hi. Question about a recipe

    Hi there. I'm pretty new at this I found a recipe online that I love and have been using. It makes 12 pounds of soap and calls for: 3 lbs. water, 17 oz lye, 4 lbs olive oil, 2 lbs. 8 oz coconut oil, 1 lb 8 oz palm oil and 4-6 oz of essential or fragrance oil. It says "To superfat, add 3.2 oz...
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    Lathering question

    I'm not happy with the amount of lathering I'm getting from my soap. I use olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil and shea butter. What should I add? 32 oz olive 20 oz coconut 12 oz palm 1.6 oz shea makes 6 pounds.
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    recipe question

    I have been using the same recipe for my first few batches of soap, which includes olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil and shea butter. I would like to try adding some sweet almond oil. Here is my question. I've read that I should add an ounce per pound of fats. So if my total amount of fats is 5...
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    Question about color

    Here is the product description. Iron Oxides and Ultramarine Pigments are FDA approved for skincare products. This product will NOT migrate in layered soap base. They will clump or speckle in mp soap if too much is used. They do not migrate in layered mp soap. Suggested Use Level: • CP & HP...
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    Question about color

    I purchased liquid pigment color from wholesale supplies plus. So far I have used them twice and had problems. It seems like it has no effect on the color at all, and then if I add more, it leaves speckles (which I'm told is from adding too much.) I don't get it. I thought you were only supposed...
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    Rebatching question

    Great! Thank you
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    Rebatching question

    I'm in the process of rebatching due to a poor mold. I added fragrance to the original batch but it is barely detectable now. Can I add more during rebatching?