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    More Lather

    Yes castor oil was a lot better. And I stick to 5% or under. Too much and the bar becomes soft or it pools and looks strange. You need to also be careful on the oils you use. I used walnut oil as well but it had a scent to it.
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    Problems with Sweating.

    I usually leave mine for 24 hours after drying (so about 36 hours from pouring) I place them in Shrink wrap bags and seal them but I don't shrink them until a few days later. I keep mine in a Cool environment. My bags have a hole in them so they can breathe and (touch wood) I haven't experienced...
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    Epsom salt soap

    Hello, I want to make Epsom salt soap with a melt and pour base. I know you can use seas salt, but wondering if anyone has any experience doing this. Does the salt dissolve? Or do I need a suspension base? What's the ratio, should I just follow the same % as oils? Also does anyone know the...
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    More Lather

    Hi, with melt and pour soap you can actually add oils and such to increase lather. Depending on the manufacturer. The company I buy from you can add 5% oils and fragrance (I accidentally added too much oil once) I use castor oil And the difference is amazing, everyone who has my soaps says...
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    Chamomile tea soap

    I'm not too concerned with color thankfully. But definitely don't want it to be scratchy! I'll have to find the perfect way of doing it haha! Thank you so much for your advice :D
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    Chamomile tea soap

    I have chamomile fragrance oil to use in the soap. I just want to use it for exfoliation
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    Chamomile tea soap

    Hello, I want to make chamomile tea soap and want to Include ground up tea leaves in the soap. I am wondering if anyone has used the tea in tea bags or would you advise against it? I just thought maybe it would smell more like the tea, but I can't find anything to say if there's anything in...