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  1. MeadowflyFarm

    Packaging Question - Soap Sweat

    still trying to find something... Thanks for all the info, guys! I'll look into your suggestions. Parke Co. Grapevine - if you are storing your soaps unwrapped and they get sweaty, do you wash them quickly before wrapping or do you wipe them off? Has anyone tried tuck-end Kraft...
  2. MeadowflyFarm

    Packaging Question - Soap Sweat

    Hi there! I am having trouble with packaging my soaps. I make all-natural, cold-process goat milk soap with fresh goat milk. Now that the weather has become warmer, my soaps have started "sweating" quite a bit. Is that normal? If not, what can I do about it? I superfat at 3% and use Bramble...