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    Bath bombs clumping in the bath water

    Thanks for the reply. I did try the polysorbate 80 in the second batch with the shea butter, but it didn't really do much. It made it a bit more foamy, but there were still random clumps of foamy pigment (Red #40 lake).
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    Bath bombs clumping in the bath water

    I just started making bath bombs. My first recipe came out great, but I tried adding shea butter to the next batch and it didn’t go so well. It comes out of the mold fine and it fizzes well, but there are foamy clumps in the bath water that don’t disperse. Why is it doing that and how do I...
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    Questions about bath bombs, bath fizzles, or bath balms

    I know this post was awhile ago, but I thought I’d throw my two cents in for anyone else who stumbles across this thread. Bath bombs are considered cosmetics by the FDA, so you need to follow FDA regulations for labelling. If you’re making claims like “helps with sore muscles” then you’re making...