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  1. AshleyR

    How much income?

    I've been in business for almost a year, and I'm definitely still in the red and will be for awhile yet. I've put approx. $15,000 into this so far.
  2. AshleyR

    I need math help! How many lbs of soap for 100 4 oz bars?

    I need to make 100 4 oz. bars for a wholesale account. The soaps are being made with concentrated soap nuts liquid in place of the water (yes I've tested it, and the soap turned out great). The customer is supplying me with the soap nuts to use for the soap. They want to know how much soap...
  3. AshleyR

    Men selling bath and body

    My husband came with my to my last craft fair and he told me that when I left the table to go to the bathroom, etc. and left him in charge, people would look from afar, but nobody came by the table when he was alone there. And he's a pretty friendly and happy looking guy. ;) The same people...
  4. AshleyR

    ETSY feedback

    I HATE when people don't leave feedback! I've only made a few sales on etsy, but with all of them, they were large sales. One person owes me 8 feedbacks for an order they placed months ago.... Another one owes me 5 feedbacks and I haven't gotten them yet. I thought maybe they were...
  5. AshleyR

    Canadian Soapmakers

    Crazy how much the price varies... I pay $18 for the same jug at HH here!
  6. AshleyR

    Large lot of EO's & FO's - PERFECT FOR BEGINNER!

    DISCLAIMER: SMF is not responsible for any sale, trade, co-op, pre-buy, fast buy, garage sale, ad or other transactions between members. All parties enter into transactions at their own will/risk. Hey everyone, I've decided to stick with one supplier for my EO's and FO's from now on. I...
  7. AshleyR

    How do I make a whiter soap?

    I have used both oil soluble and water soluble TD, and I recommend using the water kind. With the oil, I found even when adding it to a bit of oil or glycerin and mixing VERY well before adding to my soap, I still sometimes ended up with little white spots of TD in my soap. With the water...
  8. AshleyR

    Question about soy wax....

    Is the soy waxed used to make candles the same soy wax people talk about using in B&B products, to replace beeswax? I have a ton of Eco Soy CB & PB and am wondering if I can use this in a salve. This might be a "duh" - but I just want to make sure it's okay before I do it!
  9. AshleyR

    spa candle as a lotion??

    She is probably talking about soy wax candles. They burn cool.... you can dip your finger right into the burn pool when the candle has been burning a few hours, and you won't burn yourself.
  10. AshleyR


    Are you out there? :P I have a question for you but can't PM you because you're no longer a registered user? I've seen you posting lately as a guest. Must have missed something! Anyway, if you see this, can you contact me somehow? ;)
  11. AshleyR

    What do you do with packing peanuts?

    I have a GIANT box in my basement full of them that I've been reusing to pack orders from my website. I've gone through a lot of them already but the pile still seems never ending! I kind of like getting them though, saves me money on having to buy packing supplies for my packages!
  12. AshleyR

    My Old Girl Died Last Night..

    Awww, I'm so sorry to hear about Tink. She was a gorgeous girl and it sounds like you loved her very well. *hugs*
  13. AshleyR

    do i ever need a spanking

    I hear ya... I have spent WAY too much money on supplies in the last month or so. I told myself when I placed the last order that that was IT until after Christmas. I have everything I need. My soap room is BURSTING with supplies... but I'm already thinking of what else I need. Sigh.
  14. AshleyR

    Bummed, but definitely learned something for next time!

    Sunkawakan, don't apologize!!! I didn't think your comment was rude at all.... I'M sorry if I made it seem that way! ;)
  15. AshleyR

    Castille soap constantly getting DOS

    Thanks for that recipe! I just might try it! :) Would make a really hard bar with all that cocoa too.....
  16. AshleyR

    112 bottles

    Very nice! I was surprised at my first craft show how fast the lotions sold! You must do really well with those! I'm going to check out your etsy when you're back... :)
  17. AshleyR

    Bugs in Calendula!

    Yeah, I got whole flowers too.... PITA when I go to use it, to have to pick it all apart! Mine came from Canwax.
  18. AshleyR

    Castille soap constantly getting DOS

    TheSoapyEwe.... I don't "fancy" the slimy lather either, and I know friends and family that have tried my soap want BUBBLES!!! Thing is, I wanted to introduce a line of products for babies by Christmas (butt balm, etc.) and I thought it'd be great to put together some little sets, with...
  19. AshleyR

    Bummed, but definitely learned something for next time!

    Thanks Sunkawakan. I did tell her if she ever needs special soaps for her suites or for wedding night/honeymoon packages, etc. to let me know. I also do baskets with other B&B stuff, and she knows that too. I also asked her if she'd be interested in a small display (maybe 10 bars or...
  20. AshleyR

    Castille soap constantly getting DOS

    Thanks for all the info, carebear!! I wonder how other people who sell their soaps are able to sell castille? Especially wholesale orders.... they must put something in them so that they don't go bad if it's so prone to DOS! I have never sold any of my castille bars because I noticed they...