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  1. ravenscents

    Dry, crumbling soap caused by palm oil?

    Lol, still in bed waking up and spellcheck. Bad combination. Thanks for the catch
  2. ravenscents

    Dry, crumbling soap caused by palm oil?

    I’ve read that dry and crumbling is caused from not going past emulation. I’ve had dry and crumbling portions of the same batter. I thought it was the TD, but after reading the article about getting to emulation and not trace. the example would be, I split my bather at emulation. Worked with...
  3. ravenscents


    I use about 4 pairs of nitrate gloves per soaping session, more so because I have long nails. I have dollar store talcum powder next to my glove box, makes changing out gloves lots easier. I compost, I can, I recycle, I have NO problem at all using lots of gloves. I'm kind of a hoarder...
  4. ravenscents

    Wholesale Supplies Plus shipping delays

    I feel their pain, no one wants to work. I don't think WSP purposely wants us to wait on our orders. I think it's the new world we live in.
  5. ravenscents

    gelling, I don't get it

    Great article and food for thought when using FO's that seem to fade after saponification.
  6. ravenscents

    gelling, I don't get it

    I use banker's boxes and put a foil heat blanket (2 bucks Walmart) over the top and then a blanket to weigh down the heat blanket. I can fit 5 loaf molds in the box. If I soap in the evening I can unmold and cut in the morning. It's the way I've done it since the beginning. I also use the heat...
  7. ravenscents

    Will sugar help lather in a salt bar?

    My recipe at 90% CO, 5% Shea and castor. Coconut milk as liquid. 20% SF 50% salt. The most luxurious bar I pour
  8. ravenscents

    Room temperature soaping

    I soap at such a low temp my hard butters stay white not clear. Even after I add my oils. I use the heat transfer method, let sit for maybe 2-3 minutes and then use my stick blender until the hard butters are broken up and mixed with the lye then hand whisk my oils in.
  9. ravenscents

    The eternal struggle of soaping

    Use some table salt (non idiodine) and it will be ready to cut in 18-24 hours
  10. ravenscents

    Grocery Store Soap Challenge Photo Thread

    I’m laughing as I read this because all of my ingredients could be bought at the grocery store. Lard, OO, CO, Grapeseed oil, powdered goats milk.
  11. ravenscents

    Room temperature soaping

    This is the method I use. Super easy, I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way.
  12. ravenscents

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I soaped with strong earl grey tea. I used a heavy dose of white clay to lighten it up. Smells great and I can’t wait for the cut.
  13. ravenscents

    WSP Acquires Rustic & Elements

    Why are they so far behind???!
  14. ravenscents

    Let's play Good News / Bad News

    Bad news my MIL is under hospice care and her time with us are days. Good news she is home with us and her time left is full of love and dignity.
  15. ravenscents

    SMF April 2021 Challenge - Lollipop Swirl

    When using a pringles can, beside Vaseline or mineral oil. How do you get The soap to release?
  16. ravenscents

    Pics of Pomace vs EOO Zany's No Slime recipe

    I haven’t used them yet. I was going to give them 6 weeks. I’ll post when I do.
  17. ravenscents

    Pics of Pomace vs EOO Zany's No Slime recipe

    Left to right OOEV , Light OO middle, Pomace Poured on March 7
  18. ravenscents

    Plain Jane and her sister Pam

    They did OK
  19. ravenscents

    Pics of Pomace vs EOO Zany's No Slime recipe

    Yes, EVOO is correct. My error. :)