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  1. Leah M

    orange/brown specks in soap

    100% frozen goat milk and once melted and mixed with the lye, I am adding the silk fibers. Also using true colloidal oats.
  2. Leah M

    orange/brown specks in soap

    Hi, I'm new to soap making and can't seem to get rid of these specks in my soap. Some batches have more then others. I read on another thread that honey was the cause but I don't add honey to my batches. I'm super frustrated. my recipe includes: Olive oil Coconut oil Castor oil Shea butter...
  3. Leah M

    Oozing amber spots?

    What if it isn't the honey? I am new to soaping and my soap gets the same looking spots and I haven't used honey as an additive. Can colloidal oats cause this? I'm super frustrated. Thanks in advance.