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  1. ArtisanDesigns

    What soapy mistake have you made today?

    To me it tells how much effort we put into research and development of recipes. Lots of effort here LOL
  2. ArtisanDesigns

    What soapy mistake have you made today?

    I thought I would let you guys see how my soaping failure from the other day progressed from bad to worse
  3. ArtisanDesigns

    Official Challenge Entry Thread-July

    I am really proud of everyone that tried this challenge. It sure made me step outside my zone!! Congratulations to the winners you guys rocked it out the park!
  4. ArtisanDesigns

    What do you like about your body, for no reason?

    I am not a vain person in the least. I have wrinkles and darker spots on my skin that i have very well earned. I am lumpy and bumpy in not all the right place. Some places are bumped correctly though LOL. I love that my man has rough calloused hands. It means that he is a hard worker. Although I...
  5. ArtisanDesigns

    What soapy mistake have you made today?

    Oh my goodness this is going on my blog soon. I am trying to make a soap. One with loofah sponge cut into 1 inch pieces laid out in the log mold. I have done this with melt and pour and love it but wanted to do it in cold process. I used the fragrance oil Monkey business I think it is also...
  6. ArtisanDesigns

    Official Challenge Entry Thread-July

    I voted. Everyone did so well! It was a really hard choice! Learned a whole lot. Thanks for the challenge.
  7. ArtisanDesigns

    Flaming Dragon!

    Thanks for the compliments everyone! I used Dragons blood fragrance oil. For the colors I used TD for the white when I did not add any fragrance to. I used Activated charcoal for the black and a color called iron red oxide for the red. I got them locally to me. I was happy how it turned out...
  8. ArtisanDesigns

    Let me SEE your tools!!!

    I use small little bowls that I got at the Dollar tree 4 for 1 dollar to mix my colors in. I am a nurse and am always bringing home new things to try from throw away items. The best thing I have gotten I use for my swirls and yep free!
  9. ArtisanDesigns

    First soap!

    I will be very excited to see how the rest of your soaps look :)
  10. ArtisanDesigns

    Flaming Dragon!

    I wanted to share one of my prized jewels. My newest soap Flaming Dragon! Not the best pics but will do better later. Excited and wanted to share :razz:
  11. ArtisanDesigns

    Finally got all my ingredients :)

    I was so nervous the first batch. SO great a way to express yourself. You are going to love it :-)
  12. ArtisanDesigns

    Official Challenge Entry Thread-July

    OK here I go again. First I did zig zag then a large leap frog and then finally a pull down. When I started this challenge I did not even know what a leap frog was and now I love it!! Enjoy and be kind it is only my second swirl in a slab to ever do...
  13. ArtisanDesigns

    1st SMF Soap Challenge- July

    sorry got the threads mixed up!! Thanks :-)
  14. ArtisanDesigns

    1st SMF Soap Challenge- July

    My ginger swirl. I did Zig zag, then leapfrog, then drag down. I hope you can see what I am doing. I know the stage with leap frog is hard to tell.
  15. ArtisanDesigns

    35 Years Ago Today....

    Congrats on 35 years!! I have made it to 32. Got married at 15. Not always easy not always hard. Would not trade a moment. May you have many many more
  16. ArtisanDesigns


    wow! great job! Love your soap
  17. ArtisanDesigns

    Safe Essential Oils

    Thanks lot! I had this same thoughts going through my head.
  18. ArtisanDesigns

    Cut my first soap! Pics & questions!!

    Your soap is beautiful! Congrats on first batch. Before I got my soap cutter a few weeks ago I used a basic BBQ huge knife I got in one of those BBQ kits. if you have a hobby lobby near you you might be able to find a cutter in the soaping isle (about a 4 foot square section LOL) that has a soap...