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  1. SusanP

    Additives in Soap

    I don’t use it in soap either, as I use it for lotions, etc. But wondered if others used it and how.
  2. SusanP

    How do you bevel soap? Share your method.

    Do you go through the beveled twice to get the inset rounded look?
  3. SusanP

    In Tins?

    I have used tins for my sampler packages. Since I pack the tin last-minutes, and use colored paper shreds on the bottom, I have never had an issue. I also recently found one when cleaning out my soap room, that was packed about 2 years ago. There was no rushing or discoloration at all...
  4. SusanP

    Additives in Soap

    Since I have spare time on my hands and can’t soap yet, I decided to do some price and product comparison shopping. What and eye opener that was! I expected pricing to be fairly similar, but it was not. The huge factor to figure in is shipping, which for me is large some most suppliers are on...
  5. SusanP

    Shampoo Bar - Thanks Lindy!!

    What was your cure time on this recipe? Did you get a hard bar of soap?
  6. SusanP

    Dancing Funnel Trials

    I love the mica added to the funnel. Lovely effect, even if it wasn’t what you were going for.
  7. SusanP

    Post your Gripe

    Snow? We have started the rainy season here in Washington. Cold and damp. Soap takes a while to cure, which is why the dehumidifier and fan. Dogs hate it, people hate it. My joints hate it. I would almost rather have snow.
  8. SusanP

    Keeping track of ingredient costs across a number of suppliers - a spreadsheet.

    I do not know how to private message you. Can you message me please?
  9. SusanP

    Keeping track of ingredient costs across a number of suppliers - a spreadsheet.

    I was excited to see what you did, but I did not see a spread sheet attached.
  10. SusanP

    Hello to all!

    Quilting takes an entire room too! I think if you are a hobbiest, it is best to stay small. I cannot speak for everyone here, but I would be willing to bet everyone started out soaping as a hobby and quickly became obsessed, making mountains of soap. There is so much to learn and prepare for...
  11. SusanP

    Hello to all!

    I just joined the forum yesterday, as I never knew it existed! As I review previous threads, I can see I will learn much. I have been soaping for 7 years now, but I am currently taking a break as I sell my home and relocate a couple hours from here. I’ll be building my dream home and soaping...
  12. SusanP

    What effect does humidity have on curing soap?

    The dehumidifier doesn’t cure soap faster than the 4-6 weeks, but rather when there is humidity, it lets it cure in 4-6 weeks and not 8-10. Sorry for the confusion.
  13. SusanP

    So I did something crazy yesterday..

    I am saying prayers for you all. How horrible! I saw you wine picture and fell in love. First, because I have never really wanted to try it and love that other people do, and second the corks! That brought a smile to my face, as it was a wonderful idea.
  14. SusanP

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I wish I could say I had a soapy project, but I am in the process of building a new home and soap shop. Everything I own is packed and it is driving me crazy. So I just hit YouTube and learn.
  15. SusanP

    What effect does humidity have on curing soap?

    When I make soap in the summer and it is hot (we don‘t have air conditioning where I live), it seems to get humid and slow down cure time. I found two answers. One is a dehumidified and the second is a fan to circulate air. I found they cure a bit faster, and last longer than soaps without...