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  1. Judiraz

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Thanks! It's been awhile and I'm not happy with my first effort. making another batch tomorrow.
  2. Judiraz

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I made my first soap in about a year! Recently retired and moved to a farm in Kentucky. I'll unmold it tomorrow or Monday and see how I did.
  3. Judiraz

    SMF January 2017 Challenge Entry Thread- Gradient Layer

    Here's my second try. I haven't done layers in awhile. Definitely out of practice. This is a primarily lard soap scented with Love Spell ( I forget where it came From.). I colored with Nurture's Really Red.
  4. Judiraz

    SMF January 2017 Challenge: Gradient Layer

    1. BattleGnome - super excited for a new challenge 2. Mx6inpenn - I'm game 3. dibbles - I can't believe I've never done this 4. MissChief - Twist my rubber arm..I'll MAKE room, dammit! 5. Sonya-m - haven't soaped or been on here for ages so it's about time!! 6. Crispysoap - bring it on 7...
  5. Judiraz

    SMF November 2016 Soap Challenge - Creative Colour Challenge

    I haven't been active for awhile. I just logged on and looked at the entries. Wow! Ya'll made some beautiful soaps. Thanks fir the motivation to get soaping again!
  6. Judiraz

    SMF October 2016 Soap Challenge- Spoon Swirl

    Great job, everyone!
  7. Judiraz

    Browsing soap pics

    I see the chicken, too!
  8. Judiraz

    SMF October 2016 Challenge Entry Thread

    I thought I'd have more tries, but with a hurricane and evacuating, this is it! I did a pour with dividers, then removed and swirled. What I thought was interesting was how different the two sides of the same bars were. My entry choice kind of looks like a parrot's eye and maybe beak??
  9. Judiraz

    SMF October 2016 Soap Challenge- Spoon Swirl

    1.Mx6inpenn - I'm in! 2. dibbles - Me too! 3. MissChief - Come hell or high water, I'm making soap this month! 4. Judiraz- Starting today!
  10. Judiraz

    September Challenge- Ribbon Pour

    1. AMD - I miss doing challenges 2. penelopejane - I'll give it a whirl. 3. Rusti - I should have time this month 4. dibbles - I've been wanting to try this 5. TeresaT - I'll make time for it this month (if it's not hot & humid again ). 6. IrishLass - I'll give it a swirl. 7. Guspuppy -...
  11. Judiraz

    Soap size

    I like the 1.25" thickness as well and I make several different size bars. My personal favorite are tall & skinny molds. These are usually 2-2.5" wide and 3" tall. The mold I use most often is the 2X3" mold. I just like the feel of that size bar in my hand.
  12. Judiraz

    SMF July Challenge - Clyde Slide

    Great job you guys!
  13. Judiraz

    I may be a swap addict

    Yep, me, too!!
  14. Judiraz

    Earth colors

    can't wait to see the cut bars. I love earth colors as well, particularly the coppers!
  15. Judiraz

    SMF July Challenge - Clyde Slide

    Voted. I actually had 5 I loved...hard to narrow it down!
  16. Judiraz

    July Challenge entry thread

    Three tries and I think this is it. Not very many feathers but I love how the design & colors came out.
  17. Judiraz

    Question about challenges

    I think a challenge is meant to spread your wings. How would we ever learn if we don't try? Sometimes we may not want to post our results, but we still learn the basics of a technique. Keep pushing us!!
  18. Judiraz


    I've been using one for a couple of years. My company participates in a program that pays us to reach certain levels. It helps keep me at it!
  19. Judiraz

    Why does 80 lard, 20 coconut soap feel so good on my skin?

    We eat a plant based diet. Not strict vegetarian, just mostly plants...EXCEPT for bacon every Sunday morning! I love my lard soaps. Once you try FAT, you know where it's AT!
  20. Judiraz

    SMF July Challenge - Clyde Slide

    1. Earlene - I haven't done this one yet, so something new to learn. 2. Misschief - I have the next week off... I'm IN! 3. IrishLass - I've got some spare time, so I'm IN, too! (I'm excited- this will be my first challenge!) 4. TeresaT - excellent! My first one has a major oil slick, but I'm...