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    Anyone know how to get this look?

    Use a slab-type mold, preferably with dividers to pull the swirl down the sides of the bar. Pour your soap at thin trace, drizzle thin lines of coloured batter on the top, then use a chopstick or similar to do your swirls. It takes a bit of practice, and you can't do it with every fragrance, but...
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    Room temp method - does it work well?

    It works perfectly for me. I pre-make my lye solution and batch up a 20 litre drum full of my oils and let it cool to room temperature. When I want to soap, I just measure out what I need of each.
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    Starting a Hand Made Soap Business in Australia

    To sell soap in Oz you need: - NICNAS registration - $395 this year - - Product insurance - I'm waiting for my renewal invoice, but expect to pay at least $600. This does not cover overseas sales, that would have a higher premium. Also be aware that there is a...
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    Questions about divider

    Pour your soap into the mold first, then put your dividers in. If you do it the other way 'round, you'll have trouble getting even sized bars. To unmold, I turn the mold upside down & gently shake until the soap & dividers come out. I then gently press on the bottom of the bar of soap with...
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    Question about pricing

    I offer a 'buy 3 get 1 free'. I started this at my latest market & found it much more effective than dropping the price. It also has an added bonus that I'm only actually giving away $1 worth of product, but the customer sees it as getting $4 added value.
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    Sticker Machine

    They stick to plastic containers really well. I use the Xyron 510 for making labels.
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    Farmers Market advice, please! (Australia)

    NICNAS do next to nothing for your $381. They take your money, add you to the database & rub their hands as they move onto the next small-time soapmaker. Taken from the NICNAS website ( About NICNAS Established in 1990, NICNAS: Provides a national notification...
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    Need some advise on using Shea Butter..

    Jerry, I prefer to keep the lovely expensive 'exotic' oils for use in lotions, stuff that isn't designed to be washed off of your skin. I have seen no proof that any oil added at trace is less saponified as the ones mixed with the lye initially, and therefore don't bother. If it is going...
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    What are the benefits of using RTCP?

    For me, the benefits are timesaving. I currently have 2 drums with taps. Each of these drums will hold 6 batches worth of pre-mixed oils, with room for shaking to mix the oils. I have 6 molds, and generally will fill each mold when I soap. I can generally unmold after 12 hours. So, in a...
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    Tip of the week : FREE brochures: April 17

    Ian, you should generally be able to tell microsoft word to print anyway. I've always found things to print fine. As for tips, I've just signed up with Mad Mimi email marketing - If you have 100 or less contacts, you can get a free account. It is an easy way to send...
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    recipe for salt/sugar scrub WITH preservative? There are some good formulas here.
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    Diabolical M & P Experiments

    I've never tried it, but I get a lot of older ladies tell me they used to make soap, when what they mean is they used to grate up a commercial bar & re-shape it. At a guess, I would say you went wrong in using the dove in the first place, but hey, if you don't experiment, you never find the...
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    started making laundry soap (bar)

    Hi Ken. Using soap only a day after making it isn't going to be a great thing. Depending on your formula, it may still be caustic. Even if it has completely saponified, it'll still be harsh which will explain the tight feeling it gave your skin. First off, do you want to post your formula...
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    help.. making laundry soap

    'Lye' gets used kind of loosely. Yes, it refers to the mixture of sodium hydroxide and water, but many people will also refer to the sodium hydroxide itself as lye. Clear as mud? :lol: Hang in there, you'll get it figured. You're doing the right thing by asking questions if you don't...
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    Farmers Market advice, please! (Australia)

    Hi Cinta. Yes, you need to be registered with NICNAS. It's not at all complex, you can download an application for registration form from their website, fill it in & send it to them. Pay your $381, and wait for them to send you your certificate of registration. I don't know if you need an...
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    Grrrrr Partial gel drives me nuts

    W.O.W :shock: With soap like that, who cares about partial gel! It is gorgeous!
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    How much income?

    I really don't think there is an answer to that question. As you pointed out, there are too many variables. Some people make a good living out of this, some don't. Some make enough to support their hobby, some don't. There is no telling what you could expect to make.
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    Reviews of Aussie Candle Supplies Oils

    which ones didn't you like?
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    probably stupid questions

    Jojoba spheres will look like little dots of color thru your soap. I've done a really nice soap with no color, but a portion of the soap mixed with the spheres, so I got a solid plain colored soap with swirls of little blue dots in it (if that makes sense?) Palm Kernel Oil is a...
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    Reviews of Aussie Candle Supplies Oils

    Clean Linen - crisp fresh laundry smell in soap, melts & reed diffusers. No discoloration or acceleration noted. Angel (Type) - lovely soft musky smell. Great as a perfume. Soaped for the first time last night, smells good so far with a slight discoloration. Will post on this one again later...