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  1. Jean

    How long have you been making soap?

    I am in my 11th year and still enjoy it as much as ever. Jean
  2. Jean

    Need help in a hurry!!

    Thank you. I had to go ahead and do something before I had a reply on this, and that is what I did. It turned out very nice. Actually, I did not know that red and green made brown. I always used a brown liquid dye in the past, but I think I like mixing my own now that it turned out so well...
  3. Jean

    Need help in a hurry!!

    Just poured up Cinnamon Toast container candles. I always mix my own colors using Candlewic Liquid Dyes. I must have made the wrong notes the last time I made these because my "Cinnamon" color is mauve and a dark one at that. Here is what I used: I want a nice cinnamon color. 2 drops blue...
  4. Jean

    I need some coconut oil 76 degree?

    Just happened to run across this old thread and I purchase Coconut Oil in the 50 lb. drum. I will be happy to send you a lb or so, just email me. Jean
  5. Jean

    Moving Sale! Need to clear stock and supplies.

    I would be interested in the following if you still have them. Fragrance Oils White Tea & Ginger Spearmint Asian Sandalwood Oils/Butters Shea Butter Avocado Oil Almond Oil Palm Oil PKO
  6. Jean

    Attention Paul

    Hi Paul, you have a PM from Jean
  7. Jean

    questions for Paul

    Paul, this is how I made my whipped soap. Are your bars, made this way, light in finished bar weight? Mine were. About have the weight of my regular CP method. Jean
  8. Jean

    Source for Palm Oil

    I am looking for a source to purchase small amounts of palm oil. I have looked at Wal Mart and my grocery store, but have not seen any. Where do you all get yours when you are only needing small amounts. Thanks Jean
  9. Jean

    My first GM soap. I am so proud!

    I'm from Missouri, so I have to be shown. Did you just put the mold itself in the freezer for two hours, just to get it icy cold, or did you put it in the freezer after pouring the batter into it? This probably sounds dumb to some of you, but I always make things harder than it actually is. Jean
  10. Jean

    My First PVC Soaps

    Very pretty. I like the rose stamp. Jean
  11. Jean

    Natures Garden

    I was just browsing and saw this thread. I could not help but put in my two cents worth, although I know this thread started some time ago. I have used Nature's Garden exclusively for eight years and have never gotten anything that I didn't like. There customer service is exceptional, and...
  12. Jean

    My first soap using salt

    Forgot to ask Paul, why did I have to wait 36 hours before I could unmold my soap? Because I have heard you say before that you unmold really quick. BTW, I used a TOG slab mold also, with dividers. Notice my water amount. Could this be why? Jean
  13. Jean

    My first soap using salt

    I have posted a picture of my Cedarwood Salt Soap in the Gallery. Jean
  14. Jean

    Cedarwood Salt Soap

    I decided to go ahead and post a picture here in the gallery of my Cedarwood Salt Soap
  15. Jean

    My first soap using salt

    I don't know if you would call this a salt bar or not, but I was wanting to run the recipe past you to see if it sounds okay. I sort of made it up, using what I had on hand. This is a RTCP Soap made on July 19 23 % Soybean Oil (liquid Vegetable Oil in a jug) Coconut Oil 38% (76 Deg...
  16. Jean

    Substitute for Lard

    Paul, I'll be anxious to hear or see how yours turns out, it sounds really nice. I don't think I colored my green layer dark enough, which is the top layer, because right now the hearts which are done in white aren't showing up very good. I am hoping the color will get a tad bit darker as it...
  17. Jean

    Substitute for Lard

    Thanks to all of you. I didn't have any shea either, so I upped my olive oil and added 4 oz. of cocoa butter. It is in the mold and looking good. I tried the "hearts' again, and they did okay this time.
  18. Jean

    Substitute for Lard

    Okay, I was afraid you were going to say that. So guess I'd better put things on hold until I get this figured out. I do have some cocoa butter so I will check it out while I am at it. Thanks so much! Jean
  19. Jean

    Substitute for Lard

    Okay, I do have RBO so I will just add what I need to the 7.25 oz. of lard to make a total of 11.04 oz. or do I need to not use the lard at all and use 11.04 oz. of RBO? Thanks, Jean
  20. Jean

    Substitute for Lard

    Help!! I am in the middle of making soap and I don't have enough lard, I only have 7.25 oz. I don't have any Palm Oil either. What could I use for a substitute? Here is my recipe Palm Kernel 15.84 oz. Lard 11.04 oz. Olive Oil 6.72 oz. Crisco...