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    Is the Easter Bunny coming to you ...

    Too cute :) We already have an Easter bunny, but she's brown. And she'd bite my fingers off if I tried that!
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    Any horse lovers?

    Nice pics, especially the Gypsy and Friesian. I have 2 horses in my backyard :)
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    Delicious shop on etsy

    The polka dots are fairly easy to make. Just need a circular mold to make the pillars, then add in layers.
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    MP formulation question

    Mine must be quite liberal then considering to my last batch of M&P (1 1/2 lb batch), I added 2 tbsp of oils, 2 tbsps of butters, and 1 tbsp of beeswax... It's neither slimy nor soft, and lathers quite nicely...
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    Shampoo Base for personal use

    I'm looking into getting a shampoo base that I can play with for just me. I have no interest in selling shampoo ;) What bases are the best? I know MMS has sample sizes, but I'm not making an order from there any time soon... If it helps, my hair is long, thick, blonde, somewhat damaged...
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    MP formulation question

    This is the second time this week I have read on a forum that adding more than 1 tbsp/lb of oils to M&P could possibly make the oils spoil. What about superfatting in CP? They are left after sap and don't spoil. So why would they with M&P? I add way more than 1 tbsp/lb of oils, butters and...
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    How do they do it?? (Awesome Etsy shop)

    Cassidy, No one said they were "just mp". I do "just" mp and am in awe of Savor's soaps. In fact, I plan on ordering a bar or two here in the near future. No one is bashing Savor.
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    ridiculous things i am growing this year...

    One year when I still lived at my mom's, I grew 12 varieties of tomatoes. I can't remember the names anymore, but I had yellows, reds, purples, pink, etc. I took most of them to work. I tried two last summer, and I just don't have a good spot for them at my new house. You'd think of 7...
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    The photo thread!!

    Ok, what kind of plant is this? I have these by my back door.
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    Still around... kinda...

    I'm still here, just don't get on as much now. They blocked this site at work. So I can only get on at home, and my computer is kind of messed up. It's an older iBook and the screen occassionally blacks out. But I am reading :)
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    Have you heard of LUSH?

    I still adore Lush. I just look at some of the products (bath bombs, etc) a bit differently now. They have a huge following, and will continue to do so. (I still have a box in my closet FULL of Lush. I just can't bear to part with it :) )
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    Batch #41 soap, Patasium Hydroxide made from ash

    Don't know a thing about lye, but that is one beautiful duck!
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    Question about loofah soaps

    What about using ground luffa? I saw colored luffa powder on one of the sites... WSP I think. I haven't ordered it yet though...
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    Unrefined Shea Butter

    Isn't yellow shea butter Kpangnan butter? ... ry2005.htm
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    Got a show this weekend... *Show pictures added*

    Great set up! And holy cow, that's a lot of soap! :)
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    First Layered Soap!

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    I use SFIC bases exclusively. I get mine from
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    2 new soaps

    Yeah, definitely experiment. I add more than 1 tbs of additives, but it depends.
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    2 new soaps

    First, Lavender Vanilla. Now I hate lavender with a passion. Can't stand it. But blended with the vanilla, it's not too bad. I can tolerate it :) I don't know what caused the lines. Kind of strange. Second, Blue Alyssum. I love alyssum flowers. This scent is a soft honey-floral...
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    Doesnt this make you SICK/SCARED!?

    I'm glad we're on well water. I do take bottled water to work, but only because our pipes here must have rust or something in them. The water smells and tastes nasty. It literally makes me sick. However, I do always recycle every single bottle. And am now getting the Dannon ones that are...