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  1. kittyclark53

    Nobody wants to try shampoo bars unless they're free...

    I have the same problem. I have testers that try my products before I put them up for sale. The people who test my products are reluctant on the shampoo bars. I myself use them. They are phenomenal. My hair is baby fine, it's colored and the grey is coarse and dry. Since using this shampoo bar...
  2. kittyclark53

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    That's a great idea! Beautiful and the colors are Marvelous!
  3. kittyclark53

    Inconsistent coloring in HP soap

    This is so interesting. No wonder you were beckoned to answer this question. I really applaud your knowledge. When ever I have a question I will definitely look you up! I have been searching for a good CP shaving soap Recipe. Do you suggest any books that would have one? I have several books and...
  4. kittyclark53

    Cp soap that smells like lye?

    Your Soap is Beautiful!
  5. kittyclark53

    Lye solution expiration?

    I also experienced my batches seizing. I thought it was because I put the shea butter in at trace. Nope it did it again. After a 100 good batches, this recipe did not work. I even did a calculation for ingredients. That one seized. I went back to original, this time I omitted the EO, it still...
  6. kittyclark53

    Show us your work space!

    I have a room that I use for my soaping. Although it is getting jam packed. I need more shelving. It is a spare room that I used for Ebay. Now it's officially a soap room! I haven't done any decorating nor have I made any asthetic changes to the room. It is simply a soap room. I am proud of it...
  7. kittyclark53

    Hello from Ukraine!

    Welcome! I am also Ukrainian and live in the US. I don't know any one over there but my family is from there. I hope you stay safe and the whole world is praying for your safety. Peace and Love to Ukraine!
  8. kittyclark53

    Hello Fellow Soapers!

    Thank You for all this wonderful information! I will definitely take all your advice in setting up my tables! That's an amazing accomplishment in such short a time!
  9. kittyclark53

    Hello Fellow Soapers!

    Hello! I am thinking about going to market this year with my Soaps. I would love some pointers. I also have bath bombs and melts, Scrubs of several kinds. I love the idea of different levels. I seen that on other booths. Just getting my feet wet this year. Hoping to break into the open market...
  10. kittyclark53

    Hello Fellow Soapers!

    Hello! Thank You! Thank You. I am excited to be here! Thank You! Thank You!
  11. kittyclark53

    Favorite Soap Packaging

    I will look into that brown paper. Thanks so much!
  12. kittyclark53

    Favorite Soap Packaging

    Wow So interesting. Kraft Paper. Is that the same as constructon paper? I really like the idea of see thru packaging. The compostable sandwich bags are an Epic Find. I will check those out too.. I use the Glassine because it's semi see through and eco friendly. But it is flimsy. It has been...
  13. kittyclark53

    Hello Fellow Soapers!

    Thank You! Thank You!
  14. kittyclark53

    Hello Fellow Soapers!

    Hello! Thank You!
  15. kittyclark53

    Favorite Soap Packaging

    I wrap mine in Glassine Paper. I like Recycle options. I was looking into a stronger wrap, but not much. Do you have any suggestions?
  16. kittyclark53

    Newbie Soaper

    Hello, I also added a few things to my list. I make shower melts, bath bombs and scrubs. I make these because they are ready immediately (3days for melts and bombs) and it is something I can do while my soaps are curing. Makes sense to me lol.
  17. kittyclark53

    Hello Fellow Soapers!

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this Forum. I have been making Soap Products for years and recently in 2021 decided to Market my stuff. I think the Pandemic started it. I was at home making so much soap and realized, I couldn't use all this Soap in 5 years! I am anxious to get tips and tricks from...