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    Bad smell after cooking

    I use copper that are food grade stainless lined so chemicals don't react to it so easily. I should have mentioned that, sorry.
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    Experimenting With Avocado Butter in Palm-Free Soap

    I have waisted some fine, rather expensive oils and ended up with soap properties I didn't like too much. Avocado oil has been one I learned to use in small amounts to really appreciate. I have never used a hydrogenated butter version, sounds fun. Fat can be hydrogenated rather easily, Avacado...
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    Bad smell after cooking

    Too hot most likely, you produced an almost ammonia type substance that stinks of cat urine to some. Some ingredients produce this worse than others. Especially at higher temps. If possible try copper pot or water bath?
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    Baobab oil, Kombo butter and Bacuri butter

    I have always really appreciated the hydration but strengthening, no greasy/tacky/slippery after effect soaping oils that can wash body as well as leave hair strong clean and conditioned. For me that has usually been mostly pure coconut oil with small amounts of essential oils for scent and...
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    Hi, new here.

    Hello all, I am new here but not to making soap. I suppose you could say I know chemistry well and simply preferred making over using common brands. Only recently did I really start to analyze the vast oil choices and chemical properties in more depth. I have never followed anyones recipes or...