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    have I made CP or HP?

    I forgot about that one?? I have never done soap that way.
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    First Whipped Rebatch - pictures

    Will do- I'm going to try it tonight!
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    have I made CP or HP?

    Oh ok- this makes sense now. Then I would say- and it's just an opinion- that your soap possibly is HP- if the oven gets hot like that. Sounds very rustic and cool by the way. :) Check your soap for zap and go from there. That will tell you if your lye is all cooked out which is what you do with...
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    Coloring HP Soap?

    Very pretty! :)
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    have I made CP or HP?

    Oops I forgot to add- this is just one of the reasons I don't gel my soap often. :)
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    have I made CP or HP?

    I always understood that the HP process was using an alternate heat source to heat the soap until it saponifies and goes through a gel phase. Is your oven on when your soap is on top of it? Sounds like it could be CPOP which is kinda like HP though there are some differences there too, I think...
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    First Whipped Rebatch - pictures

    Thanks so much- Lindy! Beautiful- I can't believe those are rebatches. :) I really appreciate the link! :mrgreen:
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    First Whipped Rebatch - pictures

    I know this is old but can I ask how long you whipped? I woulld love to try this. Thanks!!!
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    it worked! HP milk & honey, with volcano...

    I bet that was it. The mixture got too hot with it. Beeswax can be difficult sometimes. Sounds like the lye was cooled down before it was used so it couldn't have been that. I hear you can get volcano's if your lye mixture wasn't cooled down before adding it to the oils. I haven't tried HP yet...
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    Coloring HP Soap?

    I would use whatever Lovena is using. I use Labcolours for my CP soap and will use it for my HP. I thought I would give it a whirl. Anyway, GREAT HP color tutorials Lovena. Thanks for sharing that info. :)
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    have I made CP or HP?

    I think Irish Lass said it all. Great info. :) I have to say that you didn't make hot process- you didn't cook the lye out through a heating method such as a crockpot. You did make CP, it sounds like. I'm not a geller but it depends on my mood. I tend to like the look of ungelled soap...
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    Does anyone use lab colours in CP?

    Oooh- the oil soluable ones are tricky. I was having some prob's with those too. I superfat my soaps most of the time and I would just add them to my superfat oil which worked most of the time but I had plenty of bad batches before I tried that. Water soluable is the way to go with those or...
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    Does anyone use lab colours in CP?

    I like lab colors as well but they are pricy. I was getting frustrated with oxides too until I started infusing them into the water before I add the lye. They work awesome it seems every time doing it that way. The lye doesn't seem to eat the color either.
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    Have you heard of LUSH?

    And pay big cash for it- :oops:
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    almond oil vs. sweet almond oil

    Bitter almond isn't sold widely right? I know that it's toxic and have never really seen it anywhere- just curious..
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    Tried my first batch....not sure how it will come out.....

    RTCP is the way to go- hands down
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    Primal Elements

    I would guess that because it's Primal- these are loaf molds possibly made for them or ones they make themselves. They sell the loaves for about 60 bucks a pop. I have seen on Ebay- individial bar silicone molds that will allow you to do embeds like this but they are pretty pricy..
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    My RTCP process with pictures.

    Very relaxing indeed- girl. Mine traces fast too this way- I'm with ya and next time I won't insulate just to see what happens- The soap looks delicious too! Great job and thanks for the info..
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    Soapcalc Share

    Absolutely true Paul and I'm with you on that- also you get to know your recipes inside and out that way and makes you a very comfortable soaper, with all due respect to the lye!:) A new recipe freaks me out sometimes- not sure I like change of any kind
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    I make 1 or 2 pound batches at a time anyway only because I like different scents and have a bunch to try until I see what will sell and what won't. I'm not familiar with batches that big so I don't know- Paul would be a great one to ask I think he does big ones and he does all rtcp