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  1. Shirley-D

    It Comes in Threes

    I'm late to this (been out of town) but sending my hopes and prayers for your hubby and son. Too much to happen in a family. Hope you are holding up okay.:eek:
  2. Shirley-D

    It is what it is

    How awful for you! I hope your hubby can cook. Speedy recovery to you.
  3. Shirley-D


    My first attempts at making soap were too embarrassing to think about. I learned a lot from forum members :nodding: so don't give up.
  4. Shirley-D


    Oh, and while I'm thinking about it, what SAP value did you use for the hydrogenated soy? I suggest if you want to use it, go to this forum's lye calculator and put in a custom oil with these numbers: Sap KOH0.19 Sap NaOH0.135 Iodine50 INS152 Lauric0 Myristic0 Palmitic10 Stearic32 Ricinoleic0...
  5. Shirley-D


    You have some expensive ingredients there. Don't toss, wait. Things change over time. You can always toss them out in a few weeks. Set them aside and pick another recipe.
  6. Shirley-D


    Yup! That's the one I use with great success. So, the problem is probably not the hydrogenated soy oil. I'm looking at the jojoba oil with suspicion. You know it is a wax and can barely be saponified. Plus, it is very expensive. A tablespoon would be enough to give some emollience.
  7. Shirley-D

    Some pictures of what I have been busy with

    WOW! Knocked my socks off! Great work. Gives me inspiration.
  8. Shirley-D

    Soap Staying Hot

    By the way, I found a big bag of reels of florist's ribbon in Goodwill (charity shop). My lucky day! I will never have to buy ribbon again. I wrap a band of ribbon around the soap and use transparent labels from Once you buy something from them you get a code to use their...
  9. Shirley-D

    Soap Staying Hot

    Many thanks soapy friends for your encouragement :)
  10. Shirley-D

    Soap Staying Hot

    @Zany_in_CO and @KiwiMoose, Patience? What is that? Never heard of it. Ha Ha! OK, here are some of my "Plain Janes" but I dress them up and give them cute names. Nobody has asked: Where are the swirls and embeds and high peaks? LOL!
  11. Shirley-D

    Soap Staying Hot

    Okay soapers, pictures to come soon. Kinda embarrassed that I'm still making plain, one color soap after 16 months of soapmaking. However, I am happy and confident of my good plain soaps. I did one swirl and some layers early on, but my recipe (palm-free, vegan) was not where I wanted it--too...
  12. Shirley-D

    Soap Staying Hot

    Done! Unmolded and cut this morning. Doing a happy dance. Thanks! :dance:
  13. Shirley-D

    Soap Staying Hot

    Thanks @Ford and @AliOop :dance:
  14. Shirley-D

    Soap Staying Hot

    My husband made me a nice big, double wide mold 🥰. Using my normal tried and true recipe, I tested it yesterday. I CPOP'd it. The soap looks fine and feels firm enough to unmold, but it is still hot. I usually can unmold by now. But I am guessing it is hot due to the extra mass of the double...
  15. Shirley-D


    Still, that is beautiful looking soap. Good save!
  16. Shirley-D

    Today Only Fragrance buddy Sale

    Just received this in an email: Fragrance Buddy Mothers Day sale, today only, May 14th 2023, ends at midnight. 25% of fragrance oils with code MOM25. Hope this helps someone :)
  17. Shirley-D

    Make your own 'colloidal oatmeal' for a fraction of the cost

    Here it is @Shelley D Great for vegan soapers. We might need to start a new thread if we discuss banana soap :thumbup:
  18. Shirley-D

    Soaps n' Swap Meets ~ What's your opinion?

    Well, I'm a bit late in replying and nobody else has answered you so far... so here is my opinion. 1.) It is a start. You will meet people who will tell you what they like or don't like in soap. You will hone your skills on packing, transporting, and displaying your soaps. You can get set up to...
  19. Shirley-D

    Fragrance discoloration.....

    I was very disappointed when my pale blue soap turned almost black recently, even though no discoloration was reported in the reviews (Fragrance Buddy). From now on I will be buying my FO's at Natures Garden. They show a sample of the of actual soap and report on discoloration up front. I don't...
  20. Shirley-D

    Superfat adjusting in CP because the EO blend add more fat to the batch

    Wow @DeeAnna ! I just printed this out to keep. Makes me feel smart to know this. Thank you. I'm sure everyone here appreciates your knowledge.