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  1. Anstarx

    Cutting a loaf after 4 months. How long should I cure?

    Ah well getting a new job in a new field will do that to you haha Well defintiely let it sit for a week before testing an end piece. Guess I should've worded it as if it's as good/ideal to use as a 6 week cure piece
  2. Anstarx

    Cutting a loaf after 4 months. How long should I cure?

    I made a batch of yoghurt soap back in mid March. Poured into the mold and promptly forgot about it, so the soap just sat in the loaf mold in the room. Some time in June I suddenly remembered that I still got this soap so I finally unmolded it. Meant to let it sit for a day to let the outside...
  3. Anstarx

    High super fat in 100% coconut oil soap

    The highest I've gone for is 25% and the lathering is not great IMO, I much prefer 20%, but to each their own. The soap was stable and alright at 25%, if you go any higher I'd worry about it not being stable since there's less soap and more oil. Dunno if you are selling or just for a friend, but...
  4. Anstarx

    Do colloidal oats discolor or accelerate?

    Agree that it's very likely the FO. I've used a variety of starch (corn, oat, rice, sweet rice) and I don't think any of them changed the tracing time in any way possible, while floral FOs are infamous for accelerating.
  5. Anstarx

    Pet dog soap bar research

    I would recommend against using lye soap (CP or HP) on dogs. I'm no expert, but I know that dogs' skin is more sensitive than humans and the high pH of lye soap may be too much to them to handle. I make a modified version of this shampoo bar for my dog, which is a syndet bar, and I can lower the...
  6. Anstarx

    Infusing orange peels?

    I was given a bunch of very nice oranges by family and got the idea of infusing oils with orange peels. I know the scent won't last in soap so I plan to make lip balm, hand lotion, or maybe shampoo bars with it just to see how it works. I figured infusing fresh orange peels directly with oil...
  7. Anstarx

    January 2023 SMF Challenge – Pick a Color, Any Color

    Sign up list: 1. dmcgee5034 - I am HUE-gly excited to try this challenge 🌸 2. McKherring Farm - sounds fun! 3. CreativeWeirdo - So many choices! Don't know how I'm going to decide. 4. Phoenix - Sounds simple enough 😜 5. basti - time to stare at my mica collection until I get dizzy 6. dibbles - I...
  8. Anstarx

    Burned soap paste - what did I do wrong?

    Thanks, I think me keep heating the pot while blending lye and oil made the temperature too high is the problem. I will try your method and add glycerin to the oil first, and reduce the use of heat.
  9. Anstarx

    Can menthol crystal be dissolved by EOs?

    Noted, thanks for the confirmation
  10. Anstarx

    Can menthol crystal be dissolved by EOs?

    Been wanting to make a batch of a shower steamer with menthol. I only have access to 75% alcohol at the moment which will make my bath bombs/shower steamers expand. I read somwhere you can dissolve menthol in essential oil, which made me think maybe I can just dissolve it with some mint EO?
  11. Anstarx

    Ginger Lemon Beer Soap

    Hahaha thanks;) Pour at emulsion and a mint tin under the mold should do the trick!
  12. Anstarx

    End of year wrap-up

    Beautiful soaps and stunning photos!
  13. Anstarx

    Ginger Lemon Beer Soap

    It was supposed to be alternating layer of yellow and white. Oh well at least you can still see the layer. Absolutely love the EO and FO combo! Ginger is a good addition to citrus. Youtube
  14. Anstarx

    I will NOT buy any new fragrance oils!

    Are those from Natures Garden?
  15. Anstarx

    Burned soap paste - what did I do wrong?

    I wanted to make a batch of liquid soap to use as hand soap. I used to make liquid soap paste in crock pots but I no longer have one, sp I want to make it in a stainless steel pot on an electric stove. I also want to add glycerin thinking it will make the soap milder. First of all, here are the...
  16. Anstarx

    Water solubles in SOLID anhydrous lotion bars?

    Emulsifing waxes such pola wax? I used it for my shampoo bars and lotions but haven't try them in body butter bars yet. They came in pellets form and need to be heated to melt and mix with other ingredients. After cooling down they will be solid again.
  17. Anstarx

    Recipe critique - high palm soap

    I have tried an end piece at the 2 months mark. Not a whole lot of bubbles but it does lather if a little slow. It is mild tho. I would consider using it as a facial soap for summer. Overall a decent soap.
  18. Anstarx

    Stevia as sub for sugar in soap?

    If no one had I think I will! Could be just a video of me testing different sweetners (cane sugar, stevia, honey, syrup/dissolve in lye, etc.)
  19. Anstarx

    Stevia as sub for sugar in soap?

    I used to use cane syrup both for my soap (to boost lather) and in kitchen. Recently I've been using stevia and other sugar substitute (such as erythritol) in cooking and enjoyed them, so I wonder if these sugar substitutes can also boost lather in soap?. I recally seeing people using sorbital...
  20. Anstarx

    Peach Perfection

    I want to try more soap dough technique and I have the peach perfection FO from NG so here we go! I could use some better placement tips but overall I'm pretty happy with this batch. Youtube