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  1. Nevada

    what to do with my soap

    Really no reason to pack so they can "breath". The soap not going to spoil in 2 days.
  2. Nevada

    Post your Gripe

    No returns on "used" molds. Will not be buying from them any more.
  3. Nevada

    Post your Gripe

    Brand new!
  4. Nevada

    Post your Gripe

    Cheap, thin molds that I purchased from Wholesale Supplies Plus
  5. Nevada

    What to mix with Tobacco ?... almond ?

    Patchouli at .25%. I like it in Fresh Linen and Bramble Berry's Karma clone. Tobacco with a touch of patch? sure.
  6. Nevada

    My soap is drying

    Hi Abby, welcome to the soaping community! Your soap would be drying with 30% coconut oil. It will become milder as it ages, > 12 months. Either use a higher Superfat or lower CO %. Try this 15% Coconut Oil 15% Palm oil 70% Olive oil 4% SF
  7. Nevada

    Do I Need To Sanitize Bottles Pre-Bottling?

    Hydrogen Peroxide is cheap and rinses well.
  8. Nevada

    Dog Soap

    I sell Doggie soap, basic lard bar 8% SF, scented with Citronella and Cedarwood. PH of dog's skin is irrelevant. I recommend only bathe the pupper once a month. Many customers comment on how much better bar soap than commercial dog shampoo which doesn't rinse out.
  9. Nevada

    Oh no! Could I be allergic to goat's milk?

    85% EVOO 15% and 15% Coconut would be less harsh / drying on the skin. The other details are minor.
  10. Nevada

    Please advise
  11. Nevada

    Carrier oil for roll on EO??

  12. Nevada

    Mayonnaise Lotion?

    Mayo, olive oil and lemon juice makes a great wood restorer.
  13. Nevada

    Bath bomb recipe help

    try this Baking soda Citric acid corn starch Fractionated Coconut oil Red turkey oil Fragrance
  14. Nevada

    Conditioning Bath Soap - does this look okay?

    Soap is meant to cleanse, well-made hand-crafted soap cleanses gently. If still drying use skin-softening lotions. Suggestion: Coconut 20% EVOO 80% SF 6%
  15. Nevada

    Recipes with no liquid oils?

    Had great luck with a 65% lard soleseife. The "rub" with with lard it's hard to get a good lather. Up the Coconut oil and add Castor will provide some bubbles. Increase the SF to minimize the CO harshness along with the benefits of the Soleseife technique.
  16. Nevada

    My Soap Turned Pink

    Did you run the reviews through
  17. Nevada

    Help! What Did I Do Wrong & Can It Be Fixed?

    Hi Connie, here is your recipe in Coconut oil 92d is approximately the fat in the Coconut milk. The numbers closely match my CM Castile.
  18. Nevada

    Drying out lye?

    3 bottles of Lye stored for 2 years. 3051g of lye gained 8g. Probably within margin of error. Nevada is so dry.
  19. Nevada

    Questions regarding a lotion bar.

    Lanolin, EVOO, Castor, Shea Butter are my go to oils for serious skin care.
  20. Nevada

    Castile soap trace

    With my Coconut Milk Castiles I used to use 8% SF, but got better trace at 4%. Soap lathers well and still nice on the skin.