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  1. burnandgroom

    How have your ideals changed?

    My philosophy is that if it's a rinse-off product (soap) I'm fine with using synthetic fragrances. All the fragrances I buy are skin safe (obviously) and paraben and phthalate free, so they're pretty good. If it's a LEAVE-ON product (my beard oil, any hand salve, balm, etc I might make) THAT has...
  2. burnandgroom

    I think I'm done

    I'm done with markets after three years of doing them every weekend. Doesn't help that I live in Houston and its 145 degrees in the shade in February lol. I'm exploring wholesale options and going to things like wedding expos (that are indoors!) And I have my own site, Etsy and Amazon... I love...
  3. burnandgroom

    Laundry soap

    I tried a basic powdered detergent recipe a while back. Shaved, unscented cp soap, baking soda, borax I believe, washing powder.... Pretty basic and easily googled recipe. (Think it was Wellness Mama?) My main problem is that it turned into a rock in the container after a few days and I was...
  4. burnandgroom

    Cloudy Finished Liquid Soap

    Yeah, DeAnna, I've self-imposed some parameters for my soaps. They're vegan, so no beeswax or animal fats, and I steer clear of palm. I know palm is wonderful, but with the controversy surrounding it, even though I know you can get it sustainably harvested, I just stay away. I'm not vegan...
  5. burnandgroom

    Cloudy Finished Liquid Soap

    DeAnna, I haven't heard of I'm gonna check it out for sure. I'm certainly not using soybean oil JUST because it's cheap. I just thought it was great that it happened to be a cheap oil and worked at 50% for soaping. Certainly not married to it. I don't use canola oil, for example...
  6. burnandgroom

    Cloudy Finished Liquid Soap

    "I would be uncomfortable with that much linoleic acid in the recipe -- bar and liquid soap are both more likely to go rancid than a recipe lower in this fatty acid." DeAnna, I'm guessing the LA comes from the soybean oil? When I first started making soap I used Brambleberry's oil %'s guide...
  7. burnandgroom

    Cloudy Finished Liquid Soap

    As a follow-up, I'm totally willing to change up my oils if that would help. I just thought it'd be neat/cost effective to use the same blend for both types.
  8. burnandgroom

    Cloudy Finished Liquid Soap

    Hello, all! I have a question about cloudiness in my finished liquid soap. I used Irish Lass's method. My recipe is the same as my bar soap blend: 50% Soybean Oil 25% Coconut Oil (76) 15% Grapeseed 10% Olive (pomace) So it's obviously not the same ingredients as Irish Lass, but I...
  9. burnandgroom

    Where to buy Crafter's Choice EO/FO blends?

    Hello, all! I have been buying Crafter's Choice essential oil and EO/FO blends for years from Within the last few months, their prices on almost everything sitewide have skyrocketed. The Rosemary Peppermint blend I use went from $35 a pound to $48! There are other even more...
  10. burnandgroom

    Base oils separating?

    Stirring I can handle.Thanks!!!!
  11. burnandgroom

    Base oils separating?

    Hello, all! I've been making cp soap with my current oil blend for about a year now. We are trying to condense our operation and move everything into a toy hauler RV in a few years. My base oil blend is olive, grapeseed, coconut, and soybean. I would like to pour them all into a 5 gallon...
  12. burnandgroom

    Buyer Beware Notice for Bulk Apothecary

    Finally got my hempseed oil! They gave me a $30 credit for my troubles so I guess the next pint of essential oil I run out of I'll get from them and wash my hands of them!!
  13. burnandgroom

    Buyer Beware Notice for Bulk Apothecary

    Hello All! I just wanted to make you all aware of issues that I have been having with Bulk Apothecary in the hopes that you will be aware of what may befall you if you order from these folks. I'll start at the beginning (and these are just the facts, ma'am, not any badmouthing) I placed an...
  14. burnandgroom

    soap crumbled after cut...

    If the soap is crumbled too much, you could always make laundry soap out of it by grating it up super fine, (food processer works too) and adding borax and washing soda (think baking soda on steriods) You can also add citric acid, extra FO/EO, and baking soda. Here's the recipe I use...
  15. burnandgroom

    Matte Pigment Powder Problems :-<

    Another thing you could try is using a hand mixer/immersion blender/kitchen aid to mix if you don't do that already. I've not made liquid soap with that particular base, but I use powder dyes in cp soap and bath bombs and it's the only way to go. Mixing all the pigment into the powder bath bomb...
  16. burnandgroom

    Bummer....My first screwed up soap

    I...I like it. But like you said, maybe the camera is making it look snazzier.
  17. burnandgroom

    100% Soy liquid soap?

    You're right, Brenda, I saw that when I was looking more closely at the ingredients a couple days ago. Apparently "Castile" has been diluted (pun intended ;) ) to mean any all-vegetable soap, according to the almighty interwebs. I still LOVE Dr. B's, though, used to use it for EVERYTHING on...
  18. burnandgroom

    100% Soy liquid soap?

    Thanks! It sounds like you do exactly what I do, cp bar soap followed up by commercial conditioner. I actually still have a half tub of WS foaming bath whip that I was using for sugar scrubs and soap frosting for bath bombs. When you add a little M&P to it the consistency IS a really nice thick...
  19. burnandgroom

    100% Soy liquid soap?

    I DO use my own bar soap on my beard and prefer it to run of the mill store bought shampoo, which is what I had been using. I still follow it with a store bought conditioner and my own beard oil or balm, because just the bar alone, while less drying than cheap shampoo, still doesn't leave my...