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  1. AliOop

    April 2024 SMF Challenge - CAKE!

    To enter the April 2024 SMF Challenge copy and paste these instructions and the entire list into a new post, adding your name and the next number at the bottom. Sign-up list: 1. Vicki C - I have something I have been wanting to try! 2. ScentimentallyYours - 🍰 a reason for me to learn to make...
  2. AliOop

    Where do I find these ingredients

    To add to what @Firefly24 stated, you may also be experiencing dietary triggers, or triggers from other products such as laundry soaps, shampoos, etc. A naturopathic doctor may be able to assist you with going beyond standard allergy testing, or helping you design an elimination diet that would...
  3. AliOop

    what are these spots?

    Is it possible that your temperatures have changed with the seasons? In other words, maybe your oils and lye solution are cooler, or warmer? If I know that a fragrance won't accelerate, rice, or separate, I like to mix it into the oils before I add the lye solution. That allows me to get it...
  4. AliOop

    Hello from Central VA

    Welcome to the soapy rabbit hole! As you've already discovered, it goes deep. Mostly deep into your bank account 😁 but also your time, attention, and curiosity. Don't be terrified though (except maybe about the bank account part) - just take it one step at a time. Along those lines, I'd...
  5. AliOop

    I've figured out why I don't care for Lush any more

    My understanding is that Lush started as a small indie brand, but eventually became a publicly-traded corporation. That tends to change things, too.
  6. AliOop

    Newbie Recipe Check

    Good job starting with a small, 1.5lb batch! This is not a terrible recipe, but I'd change a few things: 1. Unless you are planning to hot-process this soap, the amount of water is really high. For cold-process soap, instead of the default of 38% water as percent of oils, select Lye...
  7. AliOop

    Hello from rural PA!

    Welcome to SMF :)
  8. AliOop

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Washed up a huge pile of soapy, lotion-y dishes, and then I made some soap. It might just be an entry for this month's challenge, so I'm not going to post a pic of it here. But I did want to share something new that I tried today. TD has always been my nemesis. The squish-the-ziplock method...
  9. AliOop

    Bathroom tile/tub replacement issues

    Ugh, like you needed one more thing going on - so sorry! Grout sealer would have worked if it had been applied at the time of construction. And to be fair, it needs to be re-sealed every few years, especially if you use some of the harsher cleaners that remove lime scale. At this pint, if...
  10. AliOop

    Questions re Zany's No Slime Castille soap

    Great to know, thank you! I may try that one when this bottle from CCS runs out.
  11. AliOop

    Help! Accidentally did 0% superfat

    Hi there, As long as the soap doesn't zap after a few days, I wouldn't worry about it. As you noted, your lye purity is less than 100%, and you used extra oil to disperse the micas. FWIW, I make and use soaps with very low SF all the time, including one with 0% SF. They are not any more...
  12. AliOop

    Questions re Zany's No Slime Castille soap

    I'm also in the "don't like OO soaps" club. Any more than about 20% makes my skin feel dry. However, I do have to admit that I don't hate my version of ZNSB with goat milk and 0%SF - but I don't love it, either. I only make it for my one friend who is obsessed with it. Honestly, I think what...
  13. AliOop

    Questions re Zany's No Slime Castille soap

    That turned out really pretty! Great job!
  14. AliOop

    Latest Update on Cheryl

    My understanding is that for life-threatening like Cheryl's, the provider must know how to adjust the dosage based on her unique needs. So if she only had a standard PRP treatment in the past, it probably wasn't dosed right. The condition will also dictate whether it should be administered via...
  15. AliOop

    Hard oil help!

    Carolyn, do you add sorbitol to this, or any chelator?
  16. AliOop

    Latest Update on Cheryl

    Oh my goodness!! What an amazing story, and incredible answer to all the prayers for Cheryl!! I hope you get to meet this woman and give her a huge mama-bear hug of thanks. 😍 I'd be curious to find out if the plasma treatment was platelet-rich plasma (PRP). My chiropractor daughter provides...
  17. AliOop

    Questions re Zany's No Slime Castille soap

    That's great! Just as you experienced, warmer ingredients do help with getting to trace in less time. :) Still, it isn't strictly necessary for oils to match the temperature of the lye solution, or be within 10 degrees, as so many advise. That idea is not exactly a complete myth, but rather, an...
  18. AliOop

    Hard oil help!

    Welcome to the rabbit hole! It's a whole lot of fun to make your own products, isn't it? A good thing to know is that when oils are mixed with lye solution and saponified (turned into soap), they are no longer oils, but rather alkali salts with very different properties than the initial oil...
  19. AliOop

    Questions re Zany's No Slime Castille soap

    Hooray, glad it turned out well for you! I was curious about whether you heated the oil. Technically that isn't necessary for 100% liquid oils, but having them warmer does speed up the time to reach emulsion or trace. As you have now experienced, OO is very slow to trace. The instructions...
  20. AliOop

    Where do I find these ingredients

    Notice that it says those things contribute to foam formation IN SOAP. None of those things will create foam without on their own. Palm oil, if mixed with sodium hydroxide (aka caustic soda, NaOH, lye), will become soap, and there will be no sodium hydroxide left if that process is completed...