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    Liquid shampoo experiment

    I have used a PH measure "a PH-meter" to liquids. It is normally pretty stabile, and I recalibrated it in some special liquid befor use. But thanks for your link to your article anyways. ;)
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    Liquid shampoo experiment

    Thanks for your answers. Is it possible to use applejuice (100 percent) to lower the PH in a shampoo? Yesterday I tried to mix fresh pressed applejuice, ginger water (my own grown ginger) tea tree oil and a grated bio soapbar. I had it on low heat for 45 min. And when finished the PH was 7...
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    Liquid shampoo experiment

    Do any of you have a specific recipe of how to make homemade shampoo in a simple 100 procent natural way from granted olive bar soaps or any other good recipe? I am struggling making homemade shampoo. I would like a recipe without castille soap. But all that I have made differs. I am using...