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    sodium carbonate and sodium sulphate in laundry bar soap

    There is no substitute for doing your own tests. If you plan on selling, you need to explain to customers why your product works better than alternatives. The sodium sulfate is added to dry detergents to keep them flowing. I can't think of anything that it will contribute to a bar of soap...
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    Does anyone find high % tallow soaps drying?

    I use tallow in the 30 to 40% range. Before changing the oils, I would start is by changing the superfat. I would increase it by 1 to 3% and compare. Oils are a natural product that can vary from lot to lot. The 5% superfat is never really 5% because the lye and the oils have a built in...
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    Lotion with preservative has orange spots around the edges - bacteria apparently!

    To add to what everybody else said: what do you think happened to the rust resistant coating when you put it in a bleach bath? You need to think about the materials you use and the impact of every step of the process on their performance. The tins were a bad idea for something with high water...
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    Hand painted cars and trucks soap

    I have one of those!
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    dissolving edta

    If you decide to do this, do it on a small scale in a well ventilated space and wear protection particularly for the face just in case what you have is not EDTA. I don't have disodium EDTA but I have the acid form. I measured 23 g of the acid EDTA (fine powder) and added 50g of water and got...
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    dissolving edta

    You got it. If you add enough NaOH to the di EDTA, you end up with the tetra. You can even add KOH. It isn't any different than neutralizing citric acid or vinegar with NaOH before adding it to the rest of the soaping lye. You can get the pH right if you add NaOH slowly and allow the EDTA...
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    dissolving edta

    Somebody needs to take the pH of this slurry. pH paper is fine. You just need to know which neighborhood you're in (around 5 or around 10). Slurry is what you get when you use the acid form of EDTA. It is what I use most of the time. If the slurry is acidic and assuming an honest mistake by...
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    dissolving edta

    The acid form takes a lot of NaOH to neutralize. It will significantly raise the superfat. Dissolve it separately to get it to the right pH (around 8 or 9 will be fine) and then add it to the lye. The image on your link said tetrasodium EDTA. If that is what they sent you, you shouldn't...
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    dissolving edta

    If you got the acid form instead of one of the EDTA salts, you'll have to add NaOH to neutralize it to get it to dissolve. You can use a pH paper to check the pH. If it is around 4 or 5, you have the acid form. Check your supplier to see what you actually bought. The acid form is fine...
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    Fragrance Buddy FO test

    I'm with you on the WT&G. It's the only WT&G of the ones I tested that sticks. The oil is blueish but it soaps without discoloration. I also poured it mixed with BB Neroli. I'm not sure why you're smelling so much dirt in the rest of their FOs. I love Jungle. I have Imogen Rose and I like...
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    Rustic Escentuals fragrance reviews

    Nsmar, I'm sorry your soaps didn't turn out but really glad you're updating your reviews. Are you doing HP or CP? Also, did you get new FO bottles from them or are you testing the original bottles you have? There was a post on the Craftserver about RE where one or 2 people bought larger...
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    Ombre Soaps

    Stunning! Perfect use of micas.
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    Fragrance oils

    Was it BB's Sensuous Sandalwood?
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    Black Raspberry Vanilla

    I'm going to recommend FragranceBuddy. His BRV is strong with no to very soft yellow discoloration depending on the oils used. It lasts forever and a day. It is very strong when first poured at 4% but softens nicely with a long cure. At 18 months, it smells like sweet berries you want to...
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    CPOP alternative

    What Navigator said. My large loaf mold holds about 6 Kg and I just wrap it with towels and a wool blanket and leave it alone. It warms up on its own even when soaping cool. The saponification reaction generates enough heat to reach gel without external heat. The concentration of the lye...
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    Labneh is the same as greek yogurt as long as it is made by draining the whey. It is usually fairly soft. In the Middle East, they make a drier version that is formed into balls and stored in olive oil for the winter. It turns more sour similar to sour dough cultures. Labneh is made with...
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    Gluten Free - Nutrition Density

    To make the multigrain bread, I substitute 25% to 50% of the flour with other grains or bran. I’ve substituted up to 100% of the flour but I prefer 50%. You can substitute 1 cup of flour with ¾ cup of any other flour and ¼ cup gluten. I have used oat, rye, spelt, kamut, rice, potato…. I...
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    Gluten Free - Nutrition Density

    Since you aren't cutting out gluten, try my recipe for whole grain bread first. I'm giving you ~25% substitutions and you can up it to ~50% of the total flour. If you need to get rid of the gluten, we can revisit. Most people with gluten "problems" actually have problems with fructose...
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    suggestions for places to buy EO and fragrances

    I haven't had good luck with BB FOs but I have a few that I buy from them. Too many of their FOs cause DOS with long cures (>1year). If you use the soaps within 6 months, you won't have a problem. For a wide variety and high quality, I use Fragrancebuddy. I had tested FOs from about 7...
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    Gluten Free - Nutrition Density

    Good!!! I can't help you with premade stuff because I rarely buy anything premade but I can help you with making your own. I always recommend Tartine #3 baking book for nutrient dense breads ( I'll be back within the next 2...