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    Ginger EO

    Hmm, instead of tea, maybe ginger juice might work ?
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    Essential Oil Safety

    Best questions are ones that you answer yourself: ... ils-a69964 A great article about phototoxicity in essential oils.
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    Rosemary Oleo extract

    Thanks, that's useful info. If you say it shouldn't be used in alkaline environement, I understand ROE doesn't avoid DOS in soap, just keeps your oils fresh. Which of course will delay DOS.
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    Rosemary Oleo extract

    I'm not sure what you mean here ... If you're adding the ROE to oils and soap with those oils and soap heats up, we're going to find us in the same predicament. Do you happen to know what temperatures are those which are dangerous to ROE?
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    Rosemary Oleo extract

    Hmm, I haven't heard of lavender or other EOs causing DOS either. On the other hand, certain EOs (lavender and others) are known to oxidize with time, so I guess it does make some sense. That being said, I wouldn't bet all my money on lavender causing DOS yet. It could be that something...
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    Is it safe?

    The curing issue lies in the scent. I remember that somebody was complaining from headaches from curing more batches of heavily scented soap in the same room.
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    Hot Process / Transparent

    For hot process, you don't need to highly heat the oils before, just the soap as it is cooking. Or you can do cold process and "rebatch" for the transparent part of the recipe. Also, if certain oils may be heat sensitive and don't like heating, soap is certainly more stable and isn't upset if...
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    Lye Solution Problem??

    It's relatively normal, happened often to me. Lye sometimes does have impurities. Yes, your batch will be ok, what I do sometimes when lye has impurities is slightly lower the superfat, by 1-2%.
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    Salt soap troubleshooting

    What do you mean that the soap is melting ? Personally, I have noticed sweating, but no other side - effect. Just let them sweat and use them when I'm ready to use them.
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    Lemon Butter

    First time I hear about this. Apparently, it's lemon flavored butter. (Cowmilk) butter isn't great to use of soap, because it stinks.
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    Grainy whipped soap

    Yup, that's what I was saying.
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    Making your own Rose infused Oil when to add to soap?

    When working with herbs, I infuse them in the main oil that I use for soaping. Which is calculated in the lye calculator as such.
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    Soap is too soft

    Problem is that lye can burn your skin, and the same happens when adding too much lye for soap making. If you have used high purity lye and unless I am reading your recipe wrong, there is a good chance your soap is lye heavy and unsafe for use. Even if you're using lower purity or older lye...
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    Grainy whipped soap

    Hasn't happened to me, but I always bring soap to trace before whipping. Also, I've heard people getting grainy butters and maybe this is what happened. And I am not sure grains would show up before the soap cools down.
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    herbs and flowers in soap

    Olive, but I don't think it matters. Yes, something like this. Fill a jar with mints and cover them with oil.
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    Hole and liquid soap inside, ask for help

    Here, we always use an excess oil (also called NaOH discount) of 5-7%. For your 2 recipes, we would use maybe 190-191 grams of NaOH instead of 198.5 - 198.8. Be careful about these things: 1. Check that your soap slurry is thick enough and mixed well and that it does not separate (like having...
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    Using both KOH and NaOH in bar soap

    The link you posted doesn't obviously hit me as a bar soap - and I read the description carefully. Might be a cream soap, for all I can tell. If you're after shaving soap, it helps putting that in the title of your topic. That being said, I'm wondering myself if adding KOH changes the texture...
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    Oil infusion vs tea

    My mint-lye infusion resulted in a minty soap. Haven't noticed any bad smell, but I didn't put my nose inside the container.
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    URGENT - please help! Bad lye???

    For your first zappy soap, if you say the solution looked clear, means the soap was damaged by some other mistake, it's not the lye's fault. Second (actually, third, if I'm reading your correctly) is a bit more tricky. Probably the stuff dissolved while it was hot, but as it cooled down, part...
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    Question about clove bud eo

    Like I said above, only a part of the oil reacts with the lye, not all of it.