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    Can I add slsa to mp soap?

    Ordered low detergent mp soap from WSP. Doesn't have much lather. Has anyone successfully added slsa to the soap to boost lather? If so, how to incorporate and how much? TIA chris
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    Black Raspberry Vanilla

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I know where to start now. I will order 2 or 3 from different suppliers. chris
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    Black Raspberry Vanilla

    In your opinion who has the best non discoloring Black Raspberry Vanilla? I have to make wedding favors and don't want brown color. Thanks in advance chris
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    Makes me think of my home state of Texas. Great looking soap.
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    MP volume

    Is there any way to figure volume in MP soap?? I know how to calculate for CP soap but not MP. Thanks chris
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    Amber Honey soap

    Hey Weaversport Let me know how it smells. Sounds like I might like this one
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    Amber Honey soap

    Thanks for all the suggestions. It gives me a place to start
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    Amber Honey soap

    Looking for a straight Amber fragrance oil and IYO the best straight Honey. Any suggestions? I've heard the Wild Mountain Honey is good. But the Amber is a mystery Thanks in advance. chris
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    What are your favourite oils to apply directly to your skin?

    I have been using argan oil on my face for 2 years. Smooth, soft skin and I'm 67. chl
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    Best Ginger FO

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I love Origins Ginger essence so I'll give it a try chris
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    Best Ginger FO

    IYO who has the best smelling ginger fo in CP soap. I wouldn't mind a blend but mostly ginger scent. Thanks
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    Where to buy Argan oil

    Thanks for responses. I'll go with Soapers Choice. Thanks to all chris
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    Where to buy Argan oil

    I'm looking for the best prices on Argan oil. Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance. chris
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    Lone Star candle supply

    Anyone tried any of their soap safe fragrances? Having a sale on 1 ounce Thanks for reading chris
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    Crockpot lard soap ?

    Thanks for all the help. I think I'm going to try it. chris
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    Crockpot lard soap ?

    Has anyone made up to 50% lard in a crockpot? Wanted to know if the crockpot made the lard smell "piggy". Any help would b e appreciated. chris
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    Pumpable lotion

    Want to make a light pumpable lotion. I was thinking of 73% water,5% ewax and3 %cetyl alcohol, and the remaining oo, argan , honey and preservative. Is 73% water enough? TIA chris
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    Argan oil

    I love argan oil in my lotion recipes.I'm looking for the best price. Any suggestions? hanks chris
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    Aztec Mica sale

    Has anyone purchased their micas? If so, what ones do you like? chris
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    Best honey fragrance

    I have a request for a straight honey scent for CP Any recommendations?? Thanks chris