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    Curing question

    I never understood the whole refrigeration thing. I just let mine sit on a rack for a few weeks. I do DW, so I have a little less cusing time than most.
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    Does cold weather affect the CP soap process?

    Becky- I have never had that problem personally, but I know several other soapers who have. They just adjust their insulating methods for the weather. So definitely, this could be your problem. Try a gelling box for colder months (an insulated cardboard box, or something similar - even a...
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    How long have you been making soap?

    Me too Judi, I'm at about 10 years...
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    Where to buy little Toys OR Something Intersting in the Soap

    WSP also carries stuff.
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    Colored Lather?

    Not really with CP or HP. You can use too much colorant and get a tinted lather. It will also tint a light washcloth but will wash out. I wouldn't recommend using too much colorant to achieve this though. And I don't even think you'd get the affect you are desiring as it would be very light...
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    Ivory Soap

    Oh yeah - that's what happens. You should check out youtube to see all the people who post videos of them microwaving ivory soap.
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    Another Newb question

    DP - Don't see how it would work, but you can find many dupes in FO form from different suppliers.
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    Adding to what Tabitha said: When using EO's and FO's in CP soap you use about the same amount because the Lye is harsh on the EO and you need about the same amount to have the scent come through. HP you use about half the amount of EO than FO. Also, if people tend to have irritative...
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    M&P Soap Embeds

    Sherry - try mixing those oxides with a teeny tiny bit of glycerin or oil to smooth them out before adding them to your soap. It's not the quality, and it's really not just you - as we've all encountered the same problem at least once before. Just a learning curve. As for EO's - I buy from...
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    M&P Soap Embeds

    Sherry - I LOVE Wholesale Supplies Plus (WSP). There is a huge debate about what really is natural. And that's probably why it's listed as natural. Because some peoples definition is different from others. They can be FDA approved and still not be natural. They are being called natural...
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    M&P Soap Embeds

    Sherry - Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but oxides, while being mined from the earth are not stable as such. They are altered in a lab to make them safe for use in cosmetics and so not considered natural. Many will argue the same thing about M&P. The FDA’s definition of natural is...
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    Soap melt outside?

    The heat is just an awful idea for M&P. They are going to collect moisture and you will have to repackage everything, if you are able to salvage it. I'd say it's a no go. I did it once and only once. And I'm in MI - hot heat, but not as bad as some places.
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    Adding herbs or flower petals to my soap

    Most herbs are going to discolor. Lye monster!! Calendula petals will not and look lovely in soap. Most soapers, myself included, add any additives at thin trace. If using oatmeal, some soapers like to add it to the oils before the lye to avoid clumping. You can add anything you want...
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    Im just starting out.... can you help me please... x

    Toni- You have a PM!
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    Ok, I know you have all had this question

    Soapmakers have tried just about everything. You should wait for someone else to chime in as I am not a MP'er, but I'm pretty sure you can use food coloring. I wouldn't sell it, but just to use for friends and family, I'm sure it's fine.
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    Ok, I know you have all had this question

    Marie Browning has a few wonderful books on melt and pour soapmaking. Also, you can find a lot of info on the internet. There are truly some MP artists out there. I just don't have the patience. Check amazon for the books. She has lots of ideas. Or try your local library for books...
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    Ok, I know you have all had this question

    Melt and pour can be as easy as going to your local Michaels or JoAnn Etc. store and buying the base (clear or white), color, fragrance, additives (if desired), and molds. It's a little pricier than buying on the internet, but instant gratification. You just need a bowl or measuring cup to...
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    soap with beer and eggs ?

    I don't know about the eggs, but I know people have done it. As far as the beer, yes you can use it as your water, but make sure it is VERY VERY flat. Let it set for a day or two before using it.
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    oxide of titanic

    You just mix it with part of your oils, assuming you are making CP soap or one of it's variations (not MP). However - and someone correct me if I am worng - you may not get the white you desire depending on what oils you use to make your soap. Oils that turn yellow will not become white just...
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    Soap Molds and Insulation

    You will have no problems with The Soap Goat. To reach gel on individual molds just place a blanket on your table, a flat surface (like a board or a cutting board) on the blanket, put your mold on top of that, and then cover with the blanket. No problems with gel that way. Another thing...