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  1. ggssoapmexico

    Stinky Beer Soap

    I made a batch of CP beer soap with Oatmeal Stout FO from Crafters Choice and used a local Mexican beer. I had read that there would be problems with ricing and rapid acceleration in the reviews. Fortunately, one reader also included the solution; have a wire whip to beat the batter as it...
  2. ggssoapmexico

    Complete newby

    In addition to AliOop's suggestions, I no longer add my EO or FO to my oils. I have found that waiting to add the EO or FO until after you have added the lye to the oils and stick blended just long enough to reach the emulsion or very light trace stage is less likely to cause acceleration...
  3. ggssoapmexico

    Hello from Mexico

    I started with M&P but decided that I wanted more control of what went into my soaps. The girls are learning about CP but are a little leery of the lye. However, we are starting to make bath bombs and shower steamers so that should be a little less intimidating. Next will be felting to hide...
  4. ggssoapmexico

    Gardener's soap recipe

    Hi, I just joined and saw your reply. Is the mountain peak Peavine by any chance? I spent 30 years living with said "advice".
  5. ggssoapmexico

    Hello from Mexico

    Hello from Mexico. I am a US Ex-pat who moved to Mexico 10 years ago to be with my twin granddaughters as they grow up. I started making soap about a year ago as a means to get my granddaughters off of their phones. And now I have gone down the rabbit hole and doubt that I will ever escape...