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  1. CaliChan

    Simon & Garfunkel Soap Challenge Pic Thread

    I think that the black and green swirled because i slid them on the insert instead of layering them the way i had planned. The insert I made was to small so I had to race to prevent the different 1/2s from combining. I was thinking about next time doing the white 1/2 one night and then the black...
  2. CaliChan

    Simon & Garfunkel Soap Challenge Pic Thread

    I almost did my soap on the same song! But my friend insisted i do the sound of silence. Dont worry your safe. mine flopped to.
  3. CaliChan

    Simon & Garfunkel Soap Challenge Pic Thread

    So heres my Simon and Garfunkel Challenge. I was pretty disappointed with it, so im going to end up doing it again. This one is inspired by "the sound of silence"
  4. CaliChan

    soaping without a soapcalc

    I was wondering if any of you out there knew the calculations to figure out how much lye you need for the oils without something like soapcalc or any of those sites. I just want to know for oils that arent included in soapcalc like nut butters and such.
  5. CaliChan

    Are people sensitive here?

    Ive actually found people on this forum are alot more respectful and less sensitive on this forum than on other soaping forums
  6. CaliChan

    Soap Challenge- Simon and Garfunkel

    Thanks! I hadnt been that sick since the swine flu. Im really glad every one didnt go ahead and do it without me. Mines turning out to be more of a pain then intended as well. This might be my first soap that I spend more than one night on
  7. CaliChan

    Fresh cut bars, smells like chemicals

    The crackle effect and streaks looks like those are from over heating. Have you zap tested the spots?
  8. CaliChan

    Fresh cut bars, smells like chemicals

    Pictures? The smell should disapate but I'm curious about the colors you are talking about. The green spackle sounds like it could be caused by the blue not fully mixed in to the batter.
  9. CaliChan

    How does this recipe look?

    20% CO is fine, I would actually reduce your superfat to 7% with that amount of coconut oil. I dont start setting the SF higher than that until i go over 25% CO
  10. CaliChan

    Hot weather and cp soap - help

    the hot weather has made my soaps need to cure longer (like a month longer :( ) but thats about it. most of my soaps are superfatted between 8%-12.5% (with the exception of the pure CO soap thats at 20%) and none have had trouble with DOS, the kinds of oils you use like la-rene said can...
  11. CaliChan

    Can you do HP Castile?

    HP is a great way to help your Castile batches set up faster, I will only HP and water discount my castile soaps now. I am not patient enough to wait a week to unmold and cut such a simple soap up ;P but thats me. As for it curing faster I wouldnt say it does (for any soap), I still wait the 4-6...
  12. CaliChan

    Soap Challenge- Simon and Garfunkel

    Yes we can extend this challenge. I just got over being crazy sick for the last two weeks and just remembered the challenge. Let's set it for two weeks from today. I should have enough energy to get to the store and make some soap by then And jenneelk you are more than welcome to join in if you...
  13. CaliChan

    Do you insulate milk soap??

    You can unsulate them but they will turn brown and you run the risk of over heating (a very depressing thing to cut into because it can look like termites got inside your soap :( ) I will only insulate my milk soaps if i substituted 50% or less of goats milk, and goats milk only. other then that...
  14. CaliChan

    Cleansing number for dry skin?

    Im on board with Kansas Farm Girl. I dont even have dry skin but I wont generally wont go over 15 Cleansing and 8% SF is my average for all my soaps. If I go Higher than that (My Vegan bars contain 50%+ Coconut oil) I will bump the SF up to 12.5% and for Pure Coconut oil bars Ill SF them at...
  15. CaliChan

    Cold Temperature Soap Making Method

    Olive oil typically isn't prone to DOS. Unless it was rancid. Theres a list somewhere in this forum with oils that are prone to DOS. If I can find it I'll post a link for you. Definitely keep records of all your recipes and take lots of notes ;) helps with solving all problems future and present.
  16. CaliChan

    Hp soap after a week still soft

    If you are keeping your soaps in a warm.environment that can make your soaps soft. Try and keep your soaps in a place under 26°C (80°F) or if you didn't add enough hard oils that can do it to. Definitely post the recipe so we can help you out :)
  17. CaliChan

    Compeating with Dawn

    I actually did find something that does work well for me It doesn't lather up like dawn but I gave up on that part of it I also gave up on making a KOH liquid soap because it was taking up a lot of my time and like lsg said liquid soap doesn't work really well with hard water. Its simply : 32 oz...
  18. CaliChan

    Christmas 2013

    YAY thank you!
  19. CaliChan

    Christmas 2013

    does peppermint EO fade?? Im already antsy to start on my xmas soaps
  20. CaliChan

    surprised by the prices of oils

    Both coconut oil and olive oil for me is .17 cents an oz I stopped buying the cheepest OO and I saw a dramatic difference in quality The olive oil I buy is a blend of olive oils. The cheepest OO here always gave me unusually soft bars. I'm pretty sure it had been cut with other oils