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  1. FlybyStardancer

    Easter noms!

    I think I had heard of beetroot juice... Obviously I haven't done a full investigation yet. Got too many projects and not enough time! I grew up with Cool Whip as the everyday stuff, and whipped cream only for holidays. I'm not sure I've lost the taste for it yet (as whipped cream has the...
  2. FlybyStardancer

    Easter noms!

    How did I miss these? You did an awesome job!
  3. FlybyStardancer

    Easter noms!

    Good to know! According to him, it's too sweet. Me, I don't understand the concept when it comes to desserts. Ask and ye shall receive! I took a picture of the cake itself, but phones can only upload one pic per post. It didn't really turn out red. Next time I'm planning on figuring out...
  4. FlybyStardancer

    SMF March Challenge- Whipped Soap

    Voted! That was so hard! All the soaps ended up awesome!
  5. FlybyStardancer

    Easter noms!

    So, I made a red velvet cake bunny for Easter! Alton Brown's recipe (minus food coloring), and I used IrishLass' recipe for ermine frosting. I don't totally love it, but my friends did, even the one who doesn't like frosting! And the fact that it uses granulated sugar instead of powdered is very...
  6. FlybyStardancer

    SMF March Challenge- Whipped Soap

    Thanks! I used a comb with the large triangular teeth (like in this picture) and dragged it across the top in waves. :D I was going for an ocean-y feel to the soap (scent notwithstanding)
  7. FlybyStardancer

    SMF March Challenge- Whipped Soap

    And here's pictures of the first batch that didn't cut well. It's scented with NG's Cilantro lime. Bottommost layer is colored with a mix of AC and ultramarine blue. Middle is an ITP swirl of Nuture's Klein blue mica and the same, but mixed with TD. Top has TD added.
  8. FlybyStardancer

    SMF- March Challenge Entry Thread Whipped Soap

    Mine are an all-veggie recipe (50% palm, 20% CO, 15% Avo, 10% MB, 5% Castor), scented with NG's Georgia Sunrise. I colored it with Nuture's pink, orange, and yellow micas. I wasn't afraid to pound out air pockets... but they still wouldn't pound out. lol Pink and orange got an ITP swirl, and I...
  9. FlybyStardancer

    Fragrance oil addition - with the oils?

    I find that it helps prevent ricing, though acceleration not so much. lol But if I have a really fast-mover, I'll add the FO to the oils, soap cool, and hand-wisk in the lyewater. That seems to help keep things in control (though I still don't go for multi colors!). I've also done it where I've...
  10. FlybyStardancer

    Frothing Soap

    Soap is alkaline, thus wouldn't foam up from baking soda. Plus soap batter doesn't like baking soda--it will just turn into a mess on you, not soap.
  11. FlybyStardancer

    Testing Vinegar/Sodium Acetate In Soap - Phase II

    Weight is certainly easier to calculate out. I wonder how it would do by molar, though... Since three soap hardener all contain sodium (Sodium lactate, Sodium acetate, Sodium chloride), I would guess that the extra sodium has something to do with it, and would want to keep the sodium levels...
  12. FlybyStardancer

    Testing Vinegar/Sodium Acetate In Soap - Phase II

    How are you controlling for the amount of additive? Are you aiming for the same amount of Sodium acetate and Sodium lactate by weight? Same molar amount (or an equivalent measure)?
  13. FlybyStardancer

    Honey Soap

    I second heating up honey with a bit of water and adding it to your oils. The beeswax will need to be melted at a higher temp, and your oils overall will need to be warmer to keep the beeswax from re-solidifying. Between the warmer oils and the honey, expect that the recipe will move fast (even...
  14. FlybyStardancer

    Cant find Freezer Paper in UK. Looking for alternative Lining solutions.

    Wax paper is different. Wax paper has a waxy coating, while freezer paper has a plastic coating. The wax used has a tendency to stick to the soap, especially if you gel it or CPOP.
  15. FlybyStardancer

    SMF March Challenge- Whipped Soap

    Made my second attempt tonight. We'll see if the individual molds I used play nice... they didn't for the salt bars I made earlier this month. And while I'm not 100% happy with how things went, I still think it went better than my last attempt. lol I don't have the will for a third attempt. Next...
  16. FlybyStardancer

    SMF March Challenge- Whipped Soap

    I'm glad your husband pulled through! Hopefully his recovery will be swift.
  17. FlybyStardancer

    Almost a mess

    Whoa! Fast work! That's a roller coaster I wouldn't want to be on!
  18. FlybyStardancer

    Pi Day Prep

    Happy Pi Day everyone! I ended up just making sweet pies. Blueberry and apple on Saturday. Chocolate cream on Sunday. I tried making the chocolate creme on Saturday too, but that attempt failed. Sunday's also failed, but was at least somewhat edible.
  19. FlybyStardancer

    Icing bag - will this one work?

    I don't see why not. Don't forget to get tips! I've just always used gallon freezer bags with a corner cut out.
  20. FlybyStardancer

    Working with natural spices

    The cinnamon EOs I've looked at call for .5% as the max safe use. (For comparison, many FOs can be used at up to 5-6%, ten times as much as cinnamon!0