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    Allergy to Dragon’s Blood from Nurture Soap

    I’m guessing that I have an allergy to Dragons Blood from Nurture Soap—is this possible? Does anyone else have this? All I have to do is smell this FO in the bottle and my lips start going numb—I wasn’t sure which FO was causing this til I used it to make soap a few days ago…it got bad—I...
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    Master batching formula help

    I know that most people master batch their lye & water at 50/50. What is the formula for the additional liquid. I have my go-to recipe that I master batch for, so when its time to use the mixture I just measure it out--but I KNOW a formula exists that would make this fairly easy. I used to...
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    I've used Hobby Lobby fragrance oils--most are not worth the time or money--they seem watered down. The label says they are soap safe, but the smell is not strong--however, I have noticed that some of the scents develop and get a bit stronger with time, like Cucumber Melon. And some completely...
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    need supplier/Stay Fresh with Peanut or New York Scent

    I know how to check usage rates. I know how much to use. I appreciate your reply--but that wasn't my question--sorry for the confusion....but thats ok- I placed an order with a reputable company--I don't do destashes--got taken advantage of once--fool me once...yada yada...
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    need supplier/Stay Fresh with Peanut or New York Scent

    maybe not, but the labels say they are safe for soap! but I placed an order for over $400 with Nurture Soap
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    need supplier/Stay Fresh with Peanut or New York Scent

    thank you! thats exactly what I was asking.
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    Does anyone have a good deep conditioner recipe?

    As a hair dresser (showing my age— aka stylist) for the past 36 years, I can tell you that gray hair, coarse hair, curly, wiry hair all can be hard to color. Leaving diy color on your hair for the amount of time needed to process can really take it’s toll. When you go to a salon, they have...
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    need supplier/Stay Fresh with Peanut or New York Scent

    I'm trying to "improve" my FO's--I have about 40 from various places, including Hobby Lobby. I'd like to buy about 20-25 4-8 oz new fragrances without having to mortgage my house. I previously bought some fragrance oils for car freshies from Stay Fresh with Peanut (SFWP). Most smelled great...