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  1. K

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Yesterday l started a Himalayan rhubarb root-olive oil infusion & gave my Annatto-olive oil infusion a good shake.
  2. K

    EO pre lye?

    I like to add EO to the clay and let that sit some time before adding to oils followed by lye. Theoretically, adding the EO-clay mixture at trace might help better retain the EO scent since saponification has already begun.
  3. K

    Any tips for green natural colorants to use?

    Annatto infused oil plus indigo should give a lasting green too as documented here.
  4. K

    Natural Colorant - Himalayan Rhubarb Root

    Georgeous deep pink! What do you mean by the “second infusion”?
  5. K

    Blueberry Soap

    What a beautiful purple! I was under the impression that using a yellowish olive oil would not give purple results. What’s “blueberry soap”? And what are your percentages of infused oils? Thanks
  6. K

    What Bath & Body Thing Have You Done Today?

    Where can l purchase some?
  7. K

    Getting Bergamot EO, 10x Orange EO, and Grapefruit EO to stick in CP

    Try beeswax at 2% for the soda ash and cover with plastic wrap immediately upon pour.
  8. K

    Looking For A Realistic, Beautiful Jasmine Fragrance

    Jasmine fragrance oils just cannot compare to jasmine essential oil, although more expensive
  9. K

    Soda ash and fragrance

    Do you use a heating pad (or anything else) for any amount of time to achieve gel with cavity molds?
  10. K

    HP Stearic Spots? Ash?

    Yep, soda ash. Using 2% beeswax and not letting air touch it while it saponifies (I.e. cover with plastic wrap) seems to help.
  11. K

    CPOP cavity molds

    The last time I tried to gel my cavity molds with a heating pad, l got alien brains! Any advice? I really want my soaps to gel.
  12. K

    Struggling to Acheive Gelling

    These are beautiful! What did you color use to color?
  13. K

    Ugh! Blue colorants are so frustrating!

    Have you tried indigo?
  14. K

    50 Pounds of No-Stir Palm Oil

    Sustainable palm oil is a myth. Once ecosystems are disrupted with palm production there’s no going back. It’s cheaper though because the collective cost is not considered.
  15. K

    Want to try Lotion bars

    You must try infusing your oils with a (natural) colorant! I got beautiful pink with alkanet infused oil.
  16. K

    Any tips for green natural colorants to use?

    Green clay is natural and keeps its color!
  17. K

    The 4-letter game

    Hurry Up In n Out!
  18. K

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Beautiful blues! So how has the blue held up?
  19. K

    Has this CO gone bad?

    Thank you so much for the feedback everyone! I'm holding onto it based on your feedback. Before using it I will have to see whether it turns solid white in the fridge or not :)
  20. K

    Has this CO gone bad?

    I ordered coconut oil which arrived completely liquified even at room temperature and its color is unmistakably yellow! Has it deteriorated? Should I throw it out? Thanks for your help!