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  1. Picklekin

    Feedback wanted - trying to make a slooooow recipe

    Thank you for all your feedback. I should have mentioned I prefer to keep the soap vegan, the UK seems to have less tolerance for lard! I have been using 35% lye solution, I will give 30% a go next time. I don't think it can be over blending, but it could be the fragrance, although I have...
  2. Picklekin

    Feedback wanted - trying to make a slooooow recipe

    Hi folks, I had been making soap along the lines of 35 palm, 20 coconut, 25 olive, 10 soybean, 5 shea and 5 castor for a while with reasonable success... but I was findings that it moved pretty fast, making it hard to do fancy designs. Last week I had a go at the following, with the theory...
  3. Picklekin

    UK fragrance oil suppliers

    Hello, I'm trying to get ready for my assessment and need to fix on a supplier for fragrance oils. Can anyone recommend any? I've tried a few, but I can't make up my mind. I had almost settled on using island fragrances (as they were soap focused and not candles) but they seem to be out of...
  4. Picklekin

    Valentine's soap

    So, this nearly cost me my finger and it's shorter than it should have been... But still pretty happy.
  5. Picklekin

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I should say I rinsed with lots of water first... But then soaked in lemon in case after!
  6. Picklekin

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    After much procrastinating I finally got around to making my valentine's soap. Pretty disastrous! My maths was off somehow so had nowhere near enough batter... I didn't blend enough for the scraped layers I was attempting... I got in such a pickle... Then realised that my nails had made a...
  7. Picklekin

    Question about embeds and breakage

    I wouldn't rule out your recipe just yet! I've played around with a few and my embeds have always stayed put. My embed recipe is always the same (ish?) as my main soap. I would try using soap dough next time to make sure the water content of your embeds is more equal to your main soap. Pour at...
  8. Picklekin

    Snow man soap, many many embeds!

    I made them with a clay extruder (cheap on Amazon) but in the past I've just used soap dough and rolled into a sausage. :)
  9. Picklekin

    Snow man soap, many many embeds!

    Scented with "snow angel". Really happy with how this one came out... I actually planned out my embeds for once! Buttons went for a little wander but in a cute way.
  10. Picklekin

    Wonky trees!

    Fir tree scented Christmas soap... Think some of my trees have had one too many! 🤣
  11. Picklekin

    SMF June 2022 Un-Challenge - Cocoa Powder

    You know, I was worried about the exact same thing. I just went and tested an offcut to see! I would say that the lather is very slightly off-white compared to my usual bars, but nothing to be critical about. I also wiggled the bar about in the edge of the sink (lol!) in an attempt to see...
  12. Picklekin

    Halloween soap stamping

    Activated charcoal soap dough... It's a bit grey, and the dough was not super smooth. I've used AC a few times now and not a fan...
  13. Picklekin

    Halloween soap stamping

    Had a go at the soap stamping technique for a cute Halloween soap. Wish my colours had been better but still think it's come out nicely.
  14. Picklekin

    Happy to be here!

    Welcome fjura! What a scary Covid experience you've had, and I don't blame you for looking for more. Post pandemic I find the corporate world so depressing, I'm still on the hamster wheel sadly but I'm looking for a way out, through soap! I also adore patchouli and just made a Karma lush dupe...
  15. Picklekin

    Butterfly, flowers and Karma

    Some Karma scented soaps I made to play with some embeds. Got a bit cluttered in the middle, so will try to space/plan more next time (famous last words!).
  16. Picklekin

    Star Trek Soap!

    Thank you, I did it all in one day, extruding first (with a bonus break for me to reprint a disk that didn't work!) then made the main soap. I made a horrible mess!
  17. Picklekin

    Star Trek Soap!

    Thank you :) Yes, I extruded the stars and the ship, the planet was just a scraper.
  18. Picklekin

    Star Trek Soap!

    I made some star trek soap for a friend, I forced my husband to sniff test the most "trekkie" scent... Apparently it's coconut Lime, who knew?
  19. Picklekin

    Suppliers in the Europe

    I'm sorry, I'm very childishly giggling over this typo! (and as part of the 49% my breast still aches..) I spend way to much time gazing longingly at soap supplies websites.. But I have to admit to getting a little peeved at how few are geared towards us soap (no offense candle makers!) I...