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    My First Salt Bars

    I see san Francisco salt company now carries a himalayan salt powder....
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    My First Salt Bars

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    Getting ready for Salt Bars

    Be aware that pink Himalayan salt can be razor sharp and I really don't know if if the ultra fine is OK.I decorated a salt bar with large crystals and I got a picture back of a friend bleeding.
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    Sharon Johnson E book worth it?

    Thank you all...lenarenee I thought it was just me....there's just something about the whole presentation that was so self promotional that I found it to Be a bit of a turn off. And 69 bucks is no small amount for something, as an E book, cost nothing. I'm on it, CClaudia..I have a half hour...
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    Sharon Johnson E book worth it?

    it's the fluidity....
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    Sharon Johnson E book worth it?

    Just wondering if anyone here has purchased her book and did they feel it was worth the money. I'm recalling a time when alot of opinion was less than favorable but she was showcased by WSP recently and will be a featured speaker at this year's conference. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks
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    Just an observation....

    I've been making bread lately and for the second rise of 1.5 hours I've been putting it in my oven with the light on. It's an electric oven so there's no pilot light. When I remove the bread loaves to start baking the oven is showing a temperature of over 120 F. Just wondering if this would be...
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    Finch eggs!

    this brings back childhood memories. My dad brought home a pair of parakeets and the female got egg bound and passed. Wonderful seed diet but I don't recall we ever fed greens. I'm wondering if some sort of oil fed with an eye dropper might help...
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    Looking for beeswax and tallow suggestions..

    This is for candles folks....I believe I posted it correctly in the candle making forum...
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    Looking for beeswax and tallow suggestions..

    So I've got a good amount of beeswax here that I've made candles out of in the past. We all know what THAT costs. I've got a lot of self rendered tallow as well, beef, deer and sheep. I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for how much I can cut the beeswax with tallow. I've only found 1 recipe...
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    Problems with unicorn mold....

    `Needless to say, the problem lies in getting the horn out of the mold.I've had a similar problem with rabbit molds getting the ears out of the mold. I'm thinking several possibilities: change in pour temperature.Freeze for a period of time Lubricate with Q Tip and mineral oil Any other...
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    Post your Gripe

    got into conversation today with an acquaintance that used to buy my soap. She is now buying unwrapped soaps at her local farmer's market. Nothing is labelled being the bars are naked and on their website they state no coconut or palm oils in their soaps and that their made with a blend of olive...
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    Silly Things About Soaping You Hear On The Internet

    There's 1 non chain supermarket locally noted for it's better than average meats.They bring in 50 pound boxes of suet for people feed the birds..I'm thinking last time I checked it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 2.99USD
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    Free BB mold with purchase on Mon. Feb. 12, 2018

    throw in free shipping and then that's something worth paying attention to...after all, whats that mold cost them? 5 bucks?
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    Home Depot shelving unit

    NO...the shelves individually measure 36 inches by 48 inches...nice and sturdy!
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    Home Depot shelving unit

    This is why I hate shopping...I alway find something else to purchase! Anyway, Home Depot has 4 shelved all plastic shelving units for20 dollars. I just assembled one and stacked it full of soaps. Seems to be holding quite well and was a piece of cake to assemble. Somewhere I read it was a...
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    Store Closures and openings

    I shop twice a month at Costco, and never leave without a rotisserie chicken. I recognize all the faces of the employees there from many a moon can only presume with low turnaround in the employee ranks they must be happy...
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    seaweed in soap

    I've been in a LUSH store twice, the second time I bought a soap with nori in it. I liked the look. Nothing spectacular but scratchy isn't a word I'd use to describe it. If I ever get around to making something similar I think I'd pulverize some seaweed or but powder and infuse it in whatever...
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    Florida Sweat

    Kimberly saran wrap didn't work for me. Somehow the soaps sweated over the summer. I'd avoid any disappointment and shrink wrap them.I use polyolefin shrink bags so the scent can come through...