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  1. dillsandwitch

    Body Mist %

    What are the ratios you use with PS80? I have just done a couple test bottles with the PS20 and in 1 i used 1 part FO and 6 parts PS and the other i did 1 part FO and 8 parts PS. Both look the same right now. Not 100% clear but not really murky either.
  2. dillsandwitch

    Body Mist %

    Duh. I didnt even think of that. I kinda feel silly now seeing as I have to check this stuff for my soaps. Thanks very much. :)
  3. dillsandwitch

    Ideas for cooling bedroom temp

    Get a couple of those gel cooling mats for dogs. Put them in the freezer and then alternate them on the bed when its really hot. They only need about 10 mins in the freezer to give good cooling on those really hot yucky nights. We used to use them in our old house that got the full force of the...
  4. dillsandwitch

    Body Mist %

    Since Avon decided to shut down i have been very sparsely using my last bottle of body mist that I purchased right before they shut down. The other day DH suggested that I could make my own as I have all the "smelly stuff" as he calls my FO cabinet and I thought why the hell not? I have done a...
  5. dillsandwitch

    Making dye chips help

    I'm thinking of making up some soy melt "kits" for my nieces & nephews for Christmas presents this year as they can be fun to make and only need a little bit of adult help. I was thinking of making up some dye chips for them to use as it will be less messy than the liquid dye I use when making...
  6. dillsandwitch

    Any vet techs out there?

    So sorry for you loss. Losing pets can be hard. I've said goodbye to too many in the past and it still wont stop me from getting more. I've got a fish that I have had going on 11 years now I get funny looks when I mention how much it will hurt when he eventually dies. He's not just a fish to me...
  7. dillsandwitch

    Game of Thrones Kit Harrington & Rose Leslie engaged

    Ima steal a line from an X-files episode, "I'd rather read the worst novel ever written than sit through the best movie ever made." There are just things that cant and dont transfer well to tv, films etc. Most books usually are better than the show/movie and by reading you can get the full...
  8. dillsandwitch

    Stinky dog dilemma

    oh yes I totally understand. It didn't matter how stinky she got she still got hugs and spoiled rotten. She was a good dog who left us too soon. But isnt that the way it goes with all good dogs.
  9. dillsandwitch

    Game of Thrones Kit Harrington & Rose Leslie engaged

    Might have to give then another go. I vaguely remember my brain dribbling out of my ears about halfway through book 2
  10. dillsandwitch

    Stinky dog dilemma

    I used to have a staffyxlab that had the most god awful stink. I took her to several vets and got different answers from each of them. One told me she was alergic to something in the yard, another told me it was the food she ate and needed to go on some ridiculously expensive dog food to "cure"...
  11. dillsandwitch

    Game of Thrones Kit Harrington & Rose Leslie engaged

    I have heard he is done but isnt releasing then yet. Dunno if its true or if its just some conspiracy someone came up with. Its like the old saying goes if I read it on the internet it must be true. hahahah
  12. dillsandwitch

    If you need a good laugh...

    I've had a roomba for something like 10 years. Its great at picking up all the dog hair. How'd have thought Rotties shed so much **** fur? Thankfully dogs live outside when we are not home and have never had an instance of Wombie eating anything he shouldn't. He does get stuck every now and then...
  13. dillsandwitch

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Going to be making my first batch of soap for almost a year tonight. Have finaly run out of all the soaps I had on my shelf. Lets hope I haven't forgotten how to do it
  14. dillsandwitch

    does beef tallow is smelly in soap?

    I have had some tallow that had a "beefy" smell out of the packet and when melted but never had the smell carry over to the soap. Even unscented soap just smelt like soap. Usage rate was either 75 or80% I cant remember.
  15. dillsandwitch

    Printers and color ink costs

    Have you considered a laser printer? Toner is cheap and you dont have to worry about you ink drying up. The initial printer is a little more expensive but in the long run it is worth it especially if you go long periods in between printing things. I have 3 laser printers currently. I have a...
  16. dillsandwitch

    Soap Stamps

    I use an electric toothbrush to clean out the little hard to get to areas in my soap stamps. I also spray a couple of sprays of alcohol onto the soaps before stamping as it seems to create a cleaner imprint. I have found with the alcohol it doesn't matter if you wrap the stamp in plastic or not...
  17. dillsandwitch

    Pimple after using hand Made soap

    It took about 2 weeks for our skin to normalize again. But everyones skin is different so I cant say for yourself how long or if things will even out.
  18. dillsandwitch

    When people say spray with alcohol...

    I use the fore-shots I get from my still for spraying my soaps with 94-96% pure and it seems to be okay. And its free so even better
  19. dillsandwitch

    Pimple after using hand Made soap

    Bit late to the party but heres my two cents worth... Both myself and my brother experienced breakouts shortly after switching from store bought soap to my soap. My figuring there was that store soaps strip your skin so much and handmade doesn't that it took a couple weeks for the natural oils...