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    Confused by Neutralizing Liquid soap

    Thank you .. can I add a diluted NaOH instead of Koh as I am out of it ..
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    Salting out soap

    Dee Ann , I just started salting out soap and I am throughly loving .. despite it being so tedious .. the pleasure of seeing the soap float and get so bubbly is an excellent one ..thank you for making it simple and interesting both of these are drying up 😍
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    Liquid soap

    Hello , I am having a weird problem .. I am making liquid soap after a long time .. I cannot understand what’s wrong .. it’s 2 hours and still has oil oozing from the sides .. it took v long to trace as well .. chked the Koh it’s less than a month old .. no superfat .. I added SL @5% Sugar...
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    Cashewnut milk

    Did anyone use Cashewnut milk .. i subbed out all of the water for the milk. I made this soap .. keeping my dad in mind as he loves sandalwood n only uses that . And his skin is v v dry .. hoping it lathers well.. He is a v typical customer who. Likes lather. I am hoping to get him to try...
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    SMF April 2022 Soap Challenge - Straight Line design

    The soap looks good. Love the layers.
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    SMF May 2022 Challenge - Infinity Swirl

    Sign up list: (Please copy & paste the list into a new post, then add your name along with the next appropriate number.) 1. AliOop - I love this technique! 2. Mx6inpenn - I haven't done this one in a looooong time! 3. Jersey Girl- Another one I haven’t tried. I hope my caterpillar gets here...
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    SMF April 2022 Soap Challenge - Straight Line design

    Omg . I really was wondering if you had soap challenge.. am so glad to read this. Looking fwd to to join this
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    Dual lye 50:50

    Thank you Thank you AliOop .. yes i totally am loving using the soap making friend calculator.. the dual lye with citric acid also is such a breeze. Makes life so simple .. I used 90:10 for my bar soaps . Will let u know how it turned out .. but yes thank you for the information about dula lye...
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    Colour morphing

    I finished making a watermelon soap for this heat... Turns out the green morphed. And it accelerated the soponification.. crossing my fingers as i had to mix the morphed one and the dark green as they were turning into soap on a stick . Did anyone experience this. What did you do ? Not that one...
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    50:50 Dual Lye liquid soap

    How wonderful ... Now to ask you. Did you try the same with solid sopa bars ? I am gonna .. so the question. Thank you
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    Dual lye 50:50

    I was watching some you tube video where the lady mentioned for a dual lye sopa. You can divide the TOW by 2 and calculate lye once for Naoh and once for Koh and you will get it right . I have been trying to remember who for the life of me I cannot . Can dual lye be calculated like this. ...
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    RB oil

    Thank you Zany
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    RB oil

    🤩🤩🤩 Omg.. cannot believe this .. this is anew one even for typo. . 😂😂 But all said and done yes. Dual lye
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    RB oil

    I am using 50:50% of fualmlye . So should I still reduce it to 2%
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    RB oil

    Thank you for your help
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    RB oil

    Also mine has castor , coconut and Shea
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    RB oil

    Thank you Zany for such a prompt reply .. will chk
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    RB oil

    Hi can I substitute all of olive for RB oil 8n liquid soap. a) i am out of olive and started measuring my oils B) want yo make it cost effective Help plz
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    The Gentle Castile with a foamy twist

    I can see such a huge difference in the Castile itself. It's super foamy . Creamy lather ... Here in South India , I grew up watching my mom wash my hair as a child with these and hibiscus ..and rice water. Soap nuts are used to wash pure silk sarees too ..rather than "gentle harsh...
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    The Gentle Castile with a foamy twist

    Is everyone's Castile soap a little gooey or is it just mine ?