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  1. Rsapienza

    Thought I’d share

    An iconic soap with two weird claims to fame -- "It floats" and it's "99 and 44⁄100% Pure"
  2. Rsapienza

    Long lasting bath bomb

    My guess is that those ingredients cause the BB to foam and not just fizz.
  3. Rsapienza

    Long lasting bath bomb

    I find that using SLSA or SCI makes it last longer.
  4. Rsapienza

    Dollar Tree Shampoo Bars

    $ 1.25
  5. Rsapienza

    Dollar Tree Shampoo Bars

    I must say…I was surprised to see these.
  6. Rsapienza

    What Bath & Body Thing Have You Done Today?

    Speaking of Zing’s lotion bars, I made some last night. I did a few in a snowflake mold and a few in a thick lip balm tube.
  7. Rsapienza


    You want to up your stearic and palmitic.
  8. Rsapienza

    I just have to share...

    He’s pretty cool looking!!
  9. Rsapienza

    Best prices for oils, emulsifiers and other ingredients

    Have you checked Soapers Choice? Scented Expressions has some decent prices as well, BUT they take forever to process.
  10. Rsapienza

    Extending shelf life😬😬

    Sooo…I had a jug of what I thought was HO sunflower oil in my pantry. To my surprise, it’s SAO that I’ve had since 12/2000. It smells absolutely fine and I wanted to use it to make scrubs. I assume it’s too late to add ROE. Is there anything I can do to possibly guarantee it’ll last like...
  11. Rsapienza

    Making up lye water ahead of time and storing?

    I, too MB my lye solution. I do a 50/50 and I store in a screw top lid rinsed (thoroughly) laundry jug. A few months ago I actually found a jug hiding in the back of my closet that had probably been there a year or so. I have since used it all up and it was fine. I do know you want to stay away...
  12. Rsapienza

    Red tint to a white soap

    The picture of the single bar is what it looks like now. It seems more like the reddish tint disappeared and the bars are all creamy in appearance like the inside was initially. 🤷‍♀️
  13. Rsapienza

    Face routine and favourite ingredients

    Oooohhhh…if only it were that easy. With all due respect, the fact that he was treated by Drs at The National Institute of Health should tell you that I’m slightly knowledgeable in this field and while all cases are different, this certainly was not the case in ours. I appreciate you though.
  14. Rsapienza

    Red tint to a white soap

    I made this soap a few months ago and am still stumped. I used Coconut Cream FO from BB and added a little TD because I know it will discolor slightly. When I finished pouring the soap, I noticed a reddish tint to the batter. Very slight, but noticeable. The only thing I could think is that...
  15. Rsapienza

    Face routine and favourite ingredients

    As my son got older, we would wet cotton pajamas and he would sleep in them, with a dry pair over the wet. The 3 minute rule is a part of the soak and seal method. Soak in a like warm bath (the cooler, the better; hot water is an enemy), pat dry, and slather within 3 minutes to seal in that...
  16. Rsapienza

    Face routine and favourite ingredients

    Your Qs about Skin Slugging, Answered I stumbled on a few similar articles in the past several months and thought “hmmmm….new skincare trend???🤔🤔We’ve been treating my son’s SEVERE eczema like this for years!!” When he was being treated at NIH in Maryland, they recommended this remedy, along...
  17. Rsapienza

    Nobody wants to try shampoo bars unless they're free...

    That’s what she (my daughter) says. She says, “The struggle is real Mom. Be thankful you don’t know”. LOL
  18. Rsapienza

    Nobody wants to try shampoo bars unless they're free...

    Show them these pics….she pays $150 for a haircut!!! (She’s nuts) She uses them when she has color as well.She uses my shampoo bars regularly!!! Those are all natural curls😉
  19. Rsapienza

    Calling me Hun

    Reading this thread made me think of when I first moved to Florida. Being a New Yorker, “ma’am” is not commonly used. I looked at it as a term for an older generation. Not necessarily offensive, but not what I wanted to be called at 25 years old. My first few months in Florida, I worked in a...