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  1. AKjulz

    Soap workspace - advice? Must haves?

    A few years ago we did just what you’ve described. Built an addition with an extra deep 2 car garage and my lab (soap studio) is a complete room at the back. I do sell so really needed a dedicated space. We included a deep sink, dishwasher on clearance from Lowe’s. Counters and lower...
  2. AKjulz

    Felted cat cave

    Kittish, if you ever want to try again there are several videos on YouTube that may help. also has a great downloadable tutorial. I'm sure your kitty loves it's wool bed, way to salvage it!!
  3. AKjulz

    Felted cat cave

    Here is the latest cat cave I made. The flowers are mawata (silk hankies) that I dyed. I haven't felted with those yet so it was a fun and successful experiment.
  4. AKjulz

    CP Felted Soap Problem

    I wish I had been a part of a forum like this when I started soaping years ago. I was one of those naive individuals that listened to her not so knowledgeable mentor and sold WAY too soon. I think it's vital that newbies be told that much research and time be committed before presenting to the...
  5. AKjulz

    Help with DOS

    I'm in Alaska so it doesn't get too warm. Probably about 60-65 in the garage in the summer.
  6. AKjulz

    Help with DOS

    Thanks Cindy, just ordered both books. Fairly confident about my labeling, but you can never be too sure and there's always more to learn!!
  7. AKjulz

    Help with DOS

    I was not aware of that, looks like I need to search out gmp and see what other areas I may be slacking in! Thanks
  8. AKjulz

    Browsing soap pics

    Well that was a fun jaunt through all those lovely pics you all found! Thanks for that!
  9. AKjulz

    Help with DOS

    That's the idea we had as well, get them raised up off the least during winter when the heats on.
  10. AKjulz

    Help with DOS

    So I've been soaping for 10+ years. Used the same recipe for years. Suddenly getting DOS on some batches. The one thing I can think of that changed is where my bulk oils are stored. I have a soaping lab in our new garage that has in floor heat and my large jugs of oil and 5 gal buckets sit on...
  11. AKjulz

    Pineapple Cilantro Coming

    I'd love 8oz if you still have some. Sounds delicious!!
  12. AKjulz

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Labeled and shrink wrapped bunches of lip balm, stamped a ton of soap, and cut a couple of the batches I made yesterday. Should have waited another day, but it's SO hard to wait! The batches I made yesterday were sandalwood rose with a mantra swirl, sweet rhubarb with a zebra swirl, and 2...
  13. AKjulz

    my new Soap Hutch mold!

    That's an amazing piece of equipment, Congrats! Nice colors on your HP too
  14. AKjulz

    Storing Micas and Powders

    Here are he pics of my shelf
  15. AKjulz

    Storing Micas and Powders

    I put all my mica and oxides into the new square/rectangle baby food containers. They work perfect for the small amounts those powders usually come in and they stack easily. Piece they are clear you can easily see the color and I place the product label on top. And as a bonus, their free! I...
  16. AKjulz

    Soap tops

    I do the whippy tops on my soap, I really like the look and think you can be more creative with it. I spray mine after pouring with 90% rubbing alcohol and then put a box over it. That keeps the ash at bay for me.
  17. AKjulz

    Needle felting!

    Marilyn, those are fabulous! They look so yummy warm.
  18. AKjulz

    Booth/Table Displays?

    Super late, but I just found the place I ordered my chalkboard signs from. The Lucky Clover Trading Company. They have a lot of inexpensive display options.
  19. AKjulz

    I met a forum member!

    Thanks Cara. He is a great guy and super supportive of my business, I couldn't do it without him.
  20. AKjulz

    Needle felting!

    Thanks DebiB! I was super pleased with how that little guy came out...seeing as Christmas is around the corner I gotta see if I can make another as cute