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    Need help with lotion formula please

    @cmzaha, What is it about Ann Marie’s lotion making methods that you don’t agree with?
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    Label issue - Avery 94220

    I had a problem with the Avery Print to the Edge labels, but the problem went away when I selected "Choose actual size".
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    Sugar Scrubs and Fragrance Amounts

    A good point to keep in mind. Thanks.
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    Sugar Scrubs and Fragrance Amounts

    So, if, when making soap, I have a total oil, water, lye weight of 90 oz., and I assume 12% evaporation of water after curing 6 weeks, then the total weight, without fragrance oil, would be 79.2 oz. Then I calculate 6% of 79.2 oz (4.75 oz.) and add 4.75 oz fragrance oil to the oils, water and...
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    Stick Blender Issues

    I have a Hamilton Beach which introduces a lot of bubbles into my batter so I don't use it much. I also can recommend the Cuisinart which does not introduce many bubbles and it is easy to burp if necessary. I wonder how well the Braun would burp and how easy it is to clean, given the shape of...
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    Latest ZNSC

    The lye concentration was lower than in the non ZNSC. Will have to experiment with the FO again.
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    Latest ZNSC

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I just remembered that I added vitamin e to the OO used in the later batches but not in the OO used in the first batch. Will try the recipe again w/o FO and fresh faux sea water and see what happens. If it traces quickly then maybe that means the vitamin e was...
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    Latest ZNSC

    By CA I meant castor oil. I used extra virgin OO from Costco. I’ve never had a problem with it before but I guess there could always be a problem batch.
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    Latest ZNSC

    Having trouble with this - Recipe was OO 80%, CA 5%, CO 15%. Ratio 1.7:1. Faux salt water 1 tbsp each of fine sea salt and baking soda in a quart of distilled water. The faux salt water is clear prior to adding the lye, but when the lye is added, the mix appears to froth up, so I strain it...
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    dmcgee5034 CP GMS soapy photo gallery

    dmcgee5034, where did you get the mold for this soap? I love the shape.
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    Making sugar scrubs from soap shreds

    Mobjack Bay, what do you mean by "salted out the soap"? Do you mean that by adding the salt, the soap became less soapy, i.e. less suds?
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    Lotion bar recipe question

    I want to use isopropyl myristate but don't know how to measure the amount. I often see usage rates of things given as a percentage, like you did, but what is it a percentage of? Of the entire recipe weight before adding the isopropyl myristate? Or 5% of the recipe after the isopropyl...
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    First Market

    Very uncluttered, easy to see what's there, very attractive. I like it a lot! Well done. Something for me to shoot for.
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    very nice indeed!
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    Soap going rancid and I cannot figure out why.

    Bookmarking that calculator right now!
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    Loved it!. Is there a song for cats? I wish my cat had lived longer.
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    Butterfly, flowers and Karma

    I think they are lovely!
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    Review of the Hercules Soap Cutting Station from Custom Craft Tools

    I decided to go for the Caterpillar. I've never had a single arm cutter so can't comment on those differences. The Caterpillar is large - that extra 4" makes a difference with storage. But all the other things AliOop said are true. It works extremely well, is very well made, and makes The...
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    Booth advice

    I use cardboard risers from Gershel Bros. New and Used Store Fixtures | Gershel Brothers They are light weight, easy to transport, assemble and store. They are also pretty sturdy and economical. I was concerned that being cardboard, they would not hold up, but i've had no problems with...
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    What Bath & Body Thing Have You Done Today?

    I found a recipe for a lotion supposedly similar to Aveeno. I made one batch with shea butter, as called for in the recipe, and another with mango butter since I wanted to use it up. I didn't have any colloidal oatmeal so I put some oats in a food processor and tried to make my own. I did get...