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  1. K

    What is this on my soap?

    It's cold process method, however I didn't save the recipe. The soap didn't separate, the bar is okay except for the bumpy things on the bottom of the bar.
  2. K

    What is this on my soap?

    Hi, I made a batch of tumeric, neem and garlic soap. I took the soap out the mold and the bottom of the soap was like this, I just want to throw it away. However, I'll like to know if there's a name associated to the hideous outcome of the things on the soap. Thank you!
  3. K

    No Immersion Blender

    I am new to soap making whislt making my first batch of soap my immersion blender stopped working. I decided to use my electric whisk, however the soap seems to not reach trace. Advice needed.