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    Coconut Meringue Pie

    Ha... I'm on a diet also! Taking it to celebrate Valentines this weekend and hope I don't eat any... Yeah....we'll see how that plays out.
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    Coconut Meringue Pie

    Approximate measurements, definitely a creamy coconut flavor without being too strong. Next time I think I will go mile high with the Meringue.
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    custom mold makers

    If you are still looking...
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    Swirl techniques

    Pinterest search.... CP soap swirl tutorials.
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    SMF January 2017 Challenge: Gradient Layer

    2. Mx6inpenn - I'm game 3. dibbles - I can't believe I've never done this 4. MissChief - Twist my rubber arm..I'll MAKE room, dammit! 5. Sonya-m - haven't soaped or been on here for ages so it's about time!! 6. Crispysoap - bring it on 7. PenelopeJane - this should be fun 8. Steve85569 -...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I am learning to make kaleidoscopes (this is my first one) and I had to try soap shavings.
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    SMF September 2016 Challenge Entry Thread

    All very pretty! I love the way Teresa did the solid base. But all beautiful.
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    SMF August Challenge- Pokemon/Hanger Circling Taiwan

    Thank you! I've heard of them and didn't have a clue to what they were. I'm going to have to look up the game. This was a unique fun challenge I've enjoyed the cartoons and soaps to go with them. Great challenge
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    SMF July Challenge - Clyde Slide

    Congratulations beautiful soaps!
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    The mysteries of the lye calculator

    Ha, as soon as I read this I was looking for Teresa to comment. Thanks for the information! As a stated above it is important to be able to calculate a soap recipe. I will give it a try after I work the process out in my head and understand it. Thanks
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    SMF July Challenge - Clyde Slide

    Voted and it was hard to pick only 3.all were great! Well done.
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    SMF July Challenge - Clyde Slide

    All the entries are pretty, nice job everyone.
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    First Soap

    Beautiful soap!
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    School supply rant

    It's been a while since my son's were this age, one thing I always thought then. Was to begin a program at school and carried through in the home. Children donate this year's gently used school supplies for up and coming classes. Volunteers dividing and organizing in summer to ready them for...
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    Adding sugar

    After reading Irish lasses 2 tbs ppo quite a while ago I tried it and it also works well for me. It's the measurement I always use now along with my salt.
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I went to a local farmers market and talked to a young man who sold vegetables, eggs, loofas and soap. Had a wonderful talk with him. Bought two bars of his soap and ran home to try them. They were high coconut that bubbled up nicely and didn't dry my skin out at all. Was talking to him about...
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    Why does 80 lard, 20 coconut soap feel so good on my skin?

    Candied bacon, brown sugar and smoked paprika (cracked pepper is a nice addition) baked in hot oven until crispy. Make a lot, it goes fast.
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    Heavens, they're tasty!

    Biscuits and bacon gravy hands down my favorite. Although I hear squirrel gravy is supposed to be the best. Nice looking biscuits.